“To oppose war, to say it loud and clear, is dangerous in our country.  Our audience is limited but you never know who is coming to infiltrate and listen to us…”

In Moscow, poets and actors as “clandestine pacifists” against Putin’s “special operation”

On television, the Kremlin unfolds its narrative on the “special operation” in Ukraine. The courts are multiplying the convictions of rebellious citizens. Discreetly but with conviction, resistance from the shadows is however appearing in theatres. Between allusions, allegories and poems.

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EBackstage and on stage, they feel like “clandestine pacifists”. Against the “war” in Ukraine, this word that the head of the Kremlin Vladimir Putin certainly used publicly for the first time at the end of last year. But, in theaters as everywhere in Russia since the beginning of the “special operation” in Ukraine, according to official understatement, the law continues to threaten with prosecution any public opinion judged to be “fake” military, up to fifteen years of jail. In the courts, convictions against ordinary citizens who oppose are almost daily, in particular under the title of “discrediting the army”.

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