In Paris, the ban on traders leaving the air conditioning with the doors open still little respected

These aberrant practices must stop “. It is in these terms that the socialist mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, announced on Twitter the ban, from July 25, 2022, for traders to leave their doors open if their store is air-conditioned. A measure that the government wants to generalize. But a week later, it is clear that this measure is not respected in the center of the capital.

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In the Marais district, located in the heart of the capital, the thermometer reached 32°C at the start of the week. And to attract tourists to their shops, several traders highlight the air conditioning that runs in their store. ” Come cool inside “, can we read on many windows.

If air conditioning is welcome in this heat wave, beware of those who use it while keeping their windows open. Since July 25, a municipal decree punishes air-conditioned stores that refuse to close their doors with 150 euros. The decree puts forward as motivation “the consequences of global warming in Paris and the urgent need to reduce energy consumption in the current period”.

“It has been observed that many shops in Paris permanently keep their front doors open”notes the City of Paris in its decree.

But a week after its entry into force this measure is struggling to be respected. ” I was completely unaware “, confides to” the Obs “the manager of a convenience store, who points to a lack of communication. Other merchants complain about the difficulty of attracting customers while keeping the door closed. Some traders multiply the “Open” signs on their windows.

A measure taken by several cities in France

Paris is not the first city to want to force air-conditioned businesses to close their doors. On July 15, the PS town hall of Bourg-en-Bresse had issued a decree of the same type, presented as a first in France.

The EELV mayor of Lyon, Grégory Doucet, imitated him on Wednesday July 20 by signing an order prohibiting air-conditioned businesses from leaving their doors open permanently, followed by Besançon two days later.

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