In Peru they put a University player in the orbit of Colo Colo

The transfer market ended for Colo Colo and Chilean football and only the arrival of Christian Santos took place, who became the desired 9 that Gustavo Quinteros requested from Blanco y Negro.

Despite this, the Peruvian media surprised with a connection between the Cacique and a forward and national team to reinforce the institution. Of course, for the next transfer market.

The half Gol Perú, in full transmission, said that Colo Colo closely follows the footsteps of Alex Valera, a striker who today plays at the University of Lima and is only 25 years old.

They also detailed that the Peruvian striker has a contract until December 31, 2023 and, in the event of his arrival in Chile, Blanco y Negro would have to buy his pass or get a loan.

Alex Valera in the Peruvian national team

Alex Valera has had an upward career in Peru. He started in the popular Piratas and later he had steps through Carlos Stein, Deportivo Garcilaso, Llacuabamba and now he is in University.

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