In photos: this was Alex Caniggia’s party after winning his first reality show

After more than two months of reality, alex caniggia he became the winner of “El Hotel de los Famosos” in a very tough final that he had to play against Martín Salwe. This last test had three games and the participant who made the best time became the winner of the first season of this contest.

the step of alex caniggia by the Hotel created a crack in the viewers, as some congratulated him for having been the only one who understood the strategy of the game while others accused the former “MasterChef Celebrity” contestant of being part of the group that harassed Locho Loccisano.

One of the requirements is that all men had to shave their hair to enter.

The truth is that finally alex caniggia He was the first winner and, to celebrate it, he held a crazy party in the company of friends, family and his new girlfriend, Melody Luz, who also went through this reality show and had to leave the competition due to a cut on her leg that she suffered in one of the the games.

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