‘In praise of bel canto’: With the beauty of the voice, activity returns to Radio Concierto

After just over two years of inactivity, the Carmen Aguirre de Fuentes de Radio Concierto room will reopen its doors to the public, with the support of the Coahuila Opera Studio “Armando Fuentes Aguirre”.

“In praise of bel canto” is the name of the recital that resumes activities in the venue. Under the baton of Alejandro Reyes-Valdés, this proposal also seeks “to spread and cultivate bel canto, to differentiate between bel canto and the rest of opera, which sometimes become synonymous, but formally they are not. We hope that in this concert, through the very beauty of bel canto, this situation will be clarified”, as he explained in an interview with VANGUARDIA.

“Bel canto is the search for balance in vocal expression, balance in technical and expressive brilliance, in such a way that it is a style that contrasts with the previous one. In the baroque we had a lyrical aria, very straight, and a coloratura aria, and everything was. It was very explosive, so bel canto is a balance of beauty, of technique”, defined the vocal coach.

With the participation of the sopranos Cintli Cruz, Samantha Rodríguez and Judith Nuncio, this Friday, May 13, at 8:00 p.m., pieces from works by Bellini and Donizetti will be performed, such as “Norma” and “La sonámbula” by the former and “Lucia di Lamermoor” of the second.

“If we can define or some protagonists of bel canto it would be at the beginning of the 19th century, which was the reign of Bellini, Donizetti and Rossini. Those three are the names that can define and outline the characteristic of bel canto. It coincides with an era but also with a geography; the three Italians, who although they did an activity in France, the language is Italian”, added Reyes-Valdés.

Regarding the repertoire, the pianist also commented that there will be an extra element, under his interpretation of the instrument, which will serve to broaden the panorama of what is proposed on stage.

“At the time these three greats lived, something important was also happening on the piano scene. Bellini was a great friend of Frederich Chopin and the language, if we listen, would seem very similar. So from there comes the idea that, by way of interludes, between the interpretations of the sopranos, I am going to play a couple of Chopinian nocturnes to balance, as a symbol of bel canto in general and of the time”, he said.

$!'In praise of bel canto': With the beauty of the voice, activity returns to Radio Concierto

About the return to the Carmen Aguirre de Fuentes Hall, we also talked with Cintli Cruz and Judith Nuncio from Sorpan. The first of them commented that “the singer has that need to be presenting himself, and the fact of not being on stage causes you some anxiety and it is not the same at home or in the studio. So it is something very important, because the opera workshop began here; It is very symbolic and very special to be able to present ourselves on this stage again.”

“We had been working but not in the same format, it was impossible. But I share the place with Cintli, which is very significant. We have been a long time, we have had many recitals. It is also a beautiful place with good acoustics, with a great piano and that was missed. I feel very comfortable because if we talk about resuming activity, vocally we already have great intensity, there is an artistic agitation in the city, not only vocally, and it is to celebrate that the doors of this room are opening again, which entails for I am very satisfied”, added the director.

Nuncio agreed with his companions, and added that “in the head of each one of us we have not come out. We have always been preparing ourselves all the time. Pandemic, not pandemic, holidays, birthdays, whatever, we always prepare. I wouldn’t say it’s a comeback, I think it’s like going forward. I feel happy, proud, we have worked for a long time and it is like returning to where you have been comfortable for a long time”.

The room has a capacity of 60 people, so to attend the event a reservation is required at 844 8067097, with a donation of 100 pesos. At the moment almost half of the quota is already full.

“We are thinking that this type of recital becomes a regular activity, but that we do not let go of the stage since it is open once again. We still don’t know the profile or the content of the next recital, but probably by July we would have a new proposal”, concluded Reyes-Valdés.

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