In Spain, the start of God of War Ragnarok equals that of The Last of Us Part 2

With 55,000 copies sold on PS5 and 35,000 on PS4, God of War Ragnarok achieved a launch of 90,000 sales not counting downloads, which not only places it above the God of War of 2018 (67,000 sales on PS4) but also far ahead of most other PlayStation exclusives. On the PS4 generation, only The Last of Us Part 2 is equal with 90,000 sales also for the Naughty Dog title.

Other recent performances from PlayStation studios include Uncharted 4 (80,000), Horizon Forbidden West (42,650), Gran Turismo 7 (32,000) and Ghost of Tsushima (30,000). Let’s just note that God of War Ragnarok had two more days because it was released on a Wednesday, compared to a Friday for most other PlayStation Studios games. As a reminder, God of War Ragnarok is credited with a launch of 145,000 sales in the United Kingdom (only Pokémon Scarlet / Purple and FIFA 23 did better this year) and 40,000 sales in Japan, still without downloads.

Ideally, the game’s release from Santa Monica Studio should have coincided with massive PS5 stock, which was the case in the UK where the console had its best week so far this year. However, this is not the case in Spain, where estimates speak of around 7,000 PS5s, a common result that does not even exceed Switch sales in the same week. “In fact, once again most people who wanted the console and the game had to spend over $800 to add a few extras in a deluxe bundle.“, mentions the Game Reactor article.

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