In support of GTA 6, Internet users bring out videos of other unfinished games

Since the leak on GTA 6, Internet users recall that the games in development are incomplete. They share videos showing precisely what this or that title looked like before going out. The difference is sometimes striking.

GTA 6 was the victim of a serious data leak, after the intrusion of a hacker (who would belong to the same group that hacked Uber). In all, 90 videos showing a GTA 6 still in development have been released and the author of the compromise claims to have other very sensitive files under the elbow. It is about a test version of the game and the source code. What does he intend to do with it? Obviously, enter into a “negotiation” with the studio.

The case has a considerable impact, given the tremendous success of the license Grand Theft Auto with time. GTA 5 has sold over 165 million copies since its release in 2013, making it the second most sold title worldwide after Minecraft. Rockstar Games has been surfing on the popularity of GTA 5. A successor was coming sooner or later. Therefore, this GTA 6 would necessarily be strategic for the studio.

Shocked to learn that an unfinished game is unfinished. // Source: Rockstar Games

This leak is therefore a very nasty blow for Rockstar Games, since it lost time in mastering communication around the game. The studio has since spoken to ensure that nothing will change in its development schedule. The studio is simply ” disappointed to see game details shared in this way “. He also adds that GTA 6 will be presented when ready. What we have seen from the leaks in no way reflects what will be GTA 6.

Yes, a game in progress is not a finished game

It’s obvious: an unfinished game remains an unfinished game. However, this state of affairs seemed forgotten or ignored in comments that emerged on the net, some pointing to the weakness of the graphics, others the poverty of such and such a thing. These unfair reactions for a game still in production seem to have stung some members of the video game industry, in particular Paul Ehreth, in charge of the main design of the game. control.

In a tweet posted on September 20, the interested party shared a video showing working scenes of the game, then at an early stage. We are still quite far from the final rendering that will be known control. And, a little teasingly, he added that, of course, it’s the graphics that are finished first in a video game. This is of course totally false. There are other priorities at the start.

The proof: the video shared by Paul Ehreth shows a title still under construction. The game certainly isn’t completely ugly at this point: there’s physics, color, partially designed locations, modeled characters, animations, and so on. We also see that many other things are missing: here, an absence of texture; there is a collision problem. And so on.

Could we have believed, if a video of control had leaked when it was in full development, that this title would receive a very good rating on Numerama (read our test of control) or that we would salute its artistic direction? It has also received several awards (in design, visual rendering, technology, graphics, lighting, texture, etc.). There are more than 20 awards received and many more nominations.

The open door kicked in by Paul Ehreth (yes, a game in development is incomplete) has garnered bounces from others close to the gaming world. They took other examples of video games, some development sequences of which have been made public. Among them are Overwatch, Splatoon or Satisfactory. Surprise: sometimes, it’s almost only volumes that we place in a test area, and that’s it.

In short, it is better to abstain from prejudging the final state of GTA 6, insofar as the graphics and final tweaks will come much later. We said it elsewhere in another subject: what good does it do for us to have watched the videos of GTA 6 ? After all, Rockstar Games had already announced the sequel to GTA. So we knew that GTA 6 was under construction. What we saw in the videos might not even appear in the video game, once completed.

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