In the background there is room: This was the rating he made in his premiere chapter

The return of “There is room in the background” had an auspicious debut with peaks of more than 30 rating points, a fact that was celebrated by the cast that met to watch the first episode of the ninth season together.

Actors such as Magdyel Ugaz, Mónica Sánchez, Yvonne Frayssinet and Erick Elera thanked the public for their preference. In addition, they celebrated the auspicious debut that he had this season.

“It has been incredible because the affection is intact. We have seen, I also watch TV and it makes me laugh a lot to see the Gonzales, seeing everything that has happened today has been wonderful”, Magdyel Ugaz noted.

“Honestly, I expected a lot less given the times we live in, the numbers have changed. We knew that there was the support of the people, thank you very much. It’s good that they liked it, they had fun and that families continue to get together to share, dance”, added Erick Elera.

Reactions of the actors of ‘In the background there is room’ after the premiere

The last episode of the eighth season of the series “In the background there is room” ends with the demolition of the iconic house of ‘Los Gonzales’ and at the request of Miguel Ignacio De Las Casas (Sergio Galliani).

Having no home, ‘Los Gonzales’ move to a human settlement and still maintain their family union, despite adversity. While Francesca Maldini (Yvonne Frayssinet) is left alone in her mansion in Las Lomas.

In the midst of her loneliness, the matriarch of ‘Los Maldini’ asks Peter (Adolfo Chuiman) to locate ‘Los Gonzales’ so that he invites them to live with her in his mansion and thus find the family warmth that he so longs for.

Thus, in the last chapter of “In the background there is room” it is shown how ‘Los Gonzales’ return to Las Lomas to live in Francesca Maldini’s mansion, the home where they were always rejected.

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