In the directory of Blanco y Negro they are upset by the campaign of Mosa to return to the presidency of Colo Colo

Black and white

The Puertoomontino leader is moving more and more in the media, this in the face of the renewal of the board of directors in April 2022.

Mosa is planning to return to the presidency of Colo Colo.
© UNO Agency.Mosa is planning to return to the presidency of Colo Colo.

Aníbal Mosa has gradually regained prominence within Blanco y Negro, his appearances in the media being more and more recurrent giving interviews and analyzing the good sports present of Colo Colo in this 2021.

The reason is only one: the Puerto Montino wants to return to the presidency of Colo Colo thinking about the renewal of the board of directors of April 2022. According to information from La Tercera, Mosa has hired a communication agency that has been guiding him in all the steps to follow to consolidate his return to the presidency.

“It is clear that Mosa is campaigning to regain the presidency, but the truth is that he does not have the backing of the other directors. The silent work carried out by the current administration must be assessed in the light of sporting results, and above all at the institutional level. That camaraderie and good atmosphere had never been seen in the board of directors ”, they point from the opposition side of Meuse to the aforementioned medium.

From their block they defend themselves, arguing that being the concessionaire’s largest shareholder, they have the right to express themselves on behalf of the club. “How do you ask the first Colo Colo shareholder to keep quiet? Like it or not, he will speak. He is the one with the lucas on, the one who risks the most. More than León Vial. I don’t think there is any other explanation and that is fine. Valladares usually speaks, but it is not bad for the largest shareholder to speak either “, they affirm.

The truth is thathe interior of Black and White there is annoyance by this public position that the ex-president is taking, since it occurs in the middle of the fight for the title that Colo Colo is experiencing with Universidad Católica in the absence of two dates of the end of the tournament.

In addition, according to information collected by DaleAlbo, They are struck by the fact that the large number of mistakes made by Meuse in his second term as president is ignored from the dealership.

This is where the economic deficit in which he left the institution, the 550 million in contracts to senior players such as Juan Manuel Insaurralde and Carlos Carmona, The way that They took out players like Julio Barroso and Pablo Mouche in the middle of the definition due to relegation, and, finally, the dismissal by telephone of Esteban Paredes.

Esteban himself reacted on social networks to this last point, since responded on Instagram to a comment from a fan that called to have memory for his unworthy departure from Colo Colo.

A move by Mosa that only time will tell if it was successful or not. For now there is peace in the Cacique, with a team that knew how to change in every aspect in 2021 after a traumatic 2020 and that is hooked on the fight to be champion. It is in the hands of Colo Colo to maintain this tranquility.

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