In the Hérault, sniffer dogs detect water leaks


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In Hérault, Véolia and canine brigades are working together to detect water leaks in pipes. Thanks to sniffer dogs trained to spot chlorine, the company hopes to be able to repair its network and thus avoid too much water loss. #IlsOntLaSolution

Saving water thanks to the smell of dogs is the challenge that the company Véolia is trying to experiment. In Hérault, the company called on a canine brigade trained in spotting water leaks to be able to stem the problem. This experience is a first in France. It is inspired by what has been done in the field of oil and gas.

Dogs have been practicing leak detection for several months. Because originally, these animals were trained to search for missing people. Now, thanks to their training, they are able to spot sources of chlorinated water in various environments. This help is invaluable for network operators. “For conventional interventions, we see an interest in pipes that are found in restrictive places. Especially when we go to work in natural environments, where there are connections that pass”, explains Nicolas Caseneuve, expert in the Véolia network.

This operation could lead to a significant reduction in water loss. For example in Nîmes, nearly half of the water consumed would be lost in nature, which corresponds to seven million cubic meters in a year.


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