In the Jura, meal coupons to encourage residents to go to restaurants


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In the Jura, the town hall of Bletterans created meal vouchers to motivate residents to return to restaurants. #IlsOntLaSolution

On the occasion of the week of taste (October 11-17), the town hall of Bletterans in the Jura has set up meal vouchers in order to encourage its inhabitants to return to the restaurant. Tickets sold by the municipality are worth 20 euros but cost the customer only 15 euros. The rest is taken care of by the municipality.

Thanks to this initiative, the town hall hopes to increase the number of visitors to restaurants and give credit to their cuisine. An initiative that delights restaurant owners who have been heavily impacted by the health crisis. “The objective is to highlight the importance of these businesses which are the commercial dynamics of these territories”, explains Stéphane Lamberger, mayor of Bletterans.

In total, four establishments are playing the game by offering menus at 20 euros. The latter also offer an aperitif to people arriving with a meal voucher. Thanks to this system, restaurateurs want new customers to arrive and hope to retain them if possible. “We saw regulars come with their tickets. And we hope that this will allow other people who are used to going to other restaurants, to come and discover our cuisine”, says Florian Devaux, restaurateur at Bistrot de la Gare.

The device lasts until October 17, 2021, but according to the municipality it will have the opportunity to be renewed in the coming years.

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