In the previous one of Paso del Salado, the 2nd Folkloric Peña will be held in Santo Tomé

After a time without celebrations due to the pandemic and following the traditions of the town, this weekend the 2 ° Peña Folklórica de Santo Tomé Heading to the Paso del Salado.

The Director of Culture of the city, José Fracchiola, explained that it will be this Saturday from 20, at facilities of the Physical Education Center No. 33 in the Loyola neighborhood.

There are many expectationsBecause the first peña we did on September 18, went very well, with many people. It was done in bubble mode by boards of six people each board, local artists acted, “he commented on the air in Cadena OH!

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The Paso del Salado already has a date, it is December 3, 4 and 5. The shows will be divided into two scenarios: on the 3rd with dance and on the 4th with music and singing, they will be ‘Cultural Center September 12’; but the finals of each contest and each day, as well as the awards and the closing festival, will be on the stage of the Martin Miguel de Güemes Amphitheater, typical place of the contest.

“This is a contest for the search for new values ​​that will represent our pre-Cosquín headquarters“explained the interviewee.” The changes of scenery will be to save time, because we do not want to exceed the time restriction. “Although the last number is not confirmed, there will be local artists and folkloric ballets from the city.

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