In the RTL show – Johannes B. Kerner caught cheating

It was almost like school…

On Sunday evening, an attempt at cheating was uncovered on the TV show “Because you don’t know what’s happening”. Rate guest Johannes B. Kerner (57) secretly wanted to make it a little easier for himself in a game, but failed due to the watchful eyes of moderator Barbara Schöneberger (48).

This time the blonde led through the evening. Your colleagues Günther Jauch (65) and Thomas Gottschalk (72) competed against Kerner and entertainer Giovanni Zarrella (44). In match number two, one torpedoed the rules of the game. Song lyrics should be assigned to their appropriate instrumental versions, which were hidden behind blocks on the wall. A live band set the whole thing to music.

As you know it from memory, a good memory was required. However, Johannes B. Kerner had a different idea. While the opposing team was still puzzling, he was busy on his mobile phone and called Barbara Schöneberger into action. “May I ask you, Johannes, what are you typing into your phone?” She asked her celebrity candidate. He immediately admitted his cheating: “I type in what kind of song that is.”

Boos in the studio

The presenter almost lost faith and at the same time was amused. She shouted at Kerner: “Tell me, are you crazy? We don’t do pensioner TV here! We are at RTL. Put that thing down!” There were even boos from some viewers in the studio.

Finally, game director Thorsten Schorn (46) intervened, instructing Barbara: “Please collect the phone. We do it like at school. Please take it to the front.” Meanwhile, Kerner justified himself embarrassed: “I didn’t google it. I was just making notes.”

For him and Giovanni Zarrella it went like clockwork even without a memory aid. They could win the match. Jauch and Gottschalk were still facing the big challenge on the show. Together with Barbara Schöneberger they performed as a band and performed the classic “Über den Wolken” for the best. The trio was cheered by the audience and even had to give an encore. Thorsten Schorn commented enthusiastically: “I’ll see you at the next Eurovision Song Contest for Germany.”

And that has never happened on the chaos show either: Gottschalk and Jauch were only able to win one of eight games. That took revenge in the final. On the legendary wall where Jauch and Zarrella hung, the points earned by the opponent came out as stones. Gottschalk and Kerner had to answer questions. If they were wrong, their fellow campaigners added another stone.

Günther Jauch soon no longer knew how to twist and turn. Because he tried awkwardly to stow his microphone, which was in the back pocket, somewhere else, Schöneberger joked: “Do you still have room in the front of your trousers?” Despite the lead, the last lap developed into a nail-biter for Zarrella and Kerner. Their opponents were hot on their heels.

In the end, however, Jauch was the first to fall off the wall and had to admit defeat to the challengers, who won 20,000 euros for their spectator block.

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