In the Sarthe, outcry after the hiring of a teacher convicted of violence against students

Several parents threaten to withdraw their child from the establishment if the teacher is maintained in his position.

“We ask that this gentleman not join our children’s school.” At the Sainte-Anne/Sainte-Croix private school in Le Mans, in the Sarthe department, a good number of parents are determined to make their anger heard. In question, the presence at the start of the next school year of a teacher who will be in charge of a class of CE2 / CM1, and who above all was sentenced in May 2021 for acts of violence against students which occurred between 2014 and 2018.

As specified West France, which echoes the gronde, the man was condemned for having subjected his students to abuse, violence or other humiliations. In detail, the regional daily stresses that a student was locked in a closet and that others had to wear a crucifix in the classroom.

Parental pressure

So, faced with this situation, the parents of students, who should be received this Thursday by the management of the school, decided to organize themselves and the collective “Protect our children” was created.

“This man has been criminally convicted for acts committed against children. We therefore find it inconceivable that he will return to children. We are asking that he be offered another position away from the students”, argues a mother, who claims to want to “protect our children.”

Always with West Franceseveral interviewees are considering withdrawing their child from this school if the man is kept in his post.

“If this teacher stays, then my daughters will change schools. They will go to the public”, assures a mother, joined by a second who says she is “angry”. “We want to be able to keep all confidence in the teams in place. So I too am ready to withdraw my children from this establishment,” she says.

Threat of complaint

For many of them, the solution is to continue to be heard and, why not, to put in place other means of pressure.

“We must all be ready to withdraw our children from this school if the appointment of this gentleman is upheld. If he is there in September, and if there is the slightest incident with a child, we will file a complaint against the diocese for endangering the lives of others. Because the diocese knows that this man can be violent”, she threatens.

On the side of the diocese precisely, one seeks to temper. Contacted by West France√Čric Martinez, diocesan director, admits that “the situation is complicated.”

“I do not underestimate the concerns of these parents and I will meet them on Thursday to listen to their requests then the rest will depend on the rectorate”, he assures, recalling that the diocese is not responsible for recruitment. “They are employed by the state,” he concludes.

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