In Ukraine, Russian soldiers filmed killing unarmed civilians, a possible war crime

In a survey released Wednesday, the American channel CNN shows, using CCTV footage, how two civilians working in a car dealership near kyiv were shot at point-blank range and in the back by Russian soldiers last March. The document was handed over to a Ukrainian prosecutor, and the case is now being investigated for ” war crime “assures the media.

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Ukraine and its allies denounced Thursday at the UN “the endless list” abuses committed by Russia since the February 24 invasion, during an extraordinary session of the Human Rights Council which Moscow boycotted.

“Nothing is decided and we must support Ukraine bearing in mind the possibility of a long war”

At the end of the meeting, requested by Kyiv, the 47 member states of the Council must vote on a draft resolution calling for a ” investigation “ of the United Nations International Commission on Ukraine on the serious human rights violations attributed to the Russian occupation troops in the regions of kyiv, Cherniguiv, Kharkiv and Sumy at the end of February and March 2022, “to hold those responsible to account”.

“Russian fire is part of our daily life”

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“Thousands of people in my country have lost their lives. Russian shelling and shooting is part of our daily life”said the First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Emine Dzhaparova, at the opening of the debates, in a video address.

War in Ukraine: our special file

“Torture and enforced disappearances, sexual and gender-based violence, the list of Russian crimes is endless”she denounced, before brandishing a sheet on which a little boy raped in front of his mother drew a whirlwind of black lines.

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