In Uruguay they ask for 2 million dollars for Diogo de Oliveira

Colo Colo lives quiet days in the National Championship where he marches in the first place of the standings, showing a great performance in the competition so far. Nevertheless, the campus is still open and the topic of reinforcements is a daily debate in the corridors of the Monumental.

During the last hours, the name of Diogo de Oliveira was announced as a possible reinforcement of the popular cast. Situation that generated immediate reactions in Uruguay, a country where the striker currently plays, defending the colors of Plaza Colonia.

It was like this, as the sports manager of the Uruguayan club, Carlos Manta, in conversation with the Tirando Paredes program, he referred to the attacker’s possible departure. “Colo Colo from Chile is interested in Diogo De Oliveira. If a team comes with 2 million dollars, they can take it. We want to keep 50% of the chip”, assured the leader.

However, the numbers are not the only problem for Black and White. The main difficulty is to meet the requirements of Gustavo Quinteros, who validated the Brazilian player, but puts the arrival of Fabian Orellana as a condition, in case of not closing the Historico de La Roja, he would not accept any incorporation for the squad.

Orellana’s arrival is complex, at the dealership they are unwilling to pay a high salary for a 35-year-old player and refuse to accept a two-and-a-half-year contract. The next few hours will be essential for decision-making regarding the incorporation of new figures to the Monumental.

For now, Colo Colo is working on Wednesday’s match against Unión La Calera at Nicolás Chahuán.

Diogo de Oliveira the new name that sounds in Colo Colo | Photo: archive

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