In Vélez they refer to the chances that Agustín Bouzat will reinforce the Cacique: “There is a possibility that he will go to Colo Colo”

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The Cacique seems to have fastened his first reinforcement, although there are still details to confirm it, Agustín Bouzat is very close to Colo Colo. At least, in Vélez they recognize this option and Gustavo Quinteros rubs his hands.

Agustín Bouzat is close to being Colo Colo's first reinforcement
© VelezAgustín Bouzat is close to being Colo Colo’s first reinforcement

The days continue to pass and Colo Colo still has not announced his first reinforcement for the second half of 2022. This, despite the fact that the deadline to register players for the Copa Sudamericana expires on Saturday and that, therefore, the time urges the Sports Management.

Gustavo Quinteros is worried. It is that before the start of the interseason he requested 3 new names to reinforce the list and these, to date, have not arrived. However, the scenario can change. FDaniel Morón was in charge of announcing that there will be news regarding the reinforcements no later than Friday, so the deadlines would be respected.

One of the players who gained strength to be Colo Colo’s first reinforcement is Agustín Bouzat. The 28-year-old Argentine is a forward on the right side and is currently a member of Vélez Sarsfield. The agreement seems imminent, even the Sporting Director of Fortín himself recognized the chances that the player will leave and reach the whites.

Bouzat, I understand that there is a possibility, which has been requested by Colo Colo. I have not spoken with Agustín, but I have with our President. So we will see how this issue continues, “said Christian Bassedas on ESPN Argentina.

Agustín Bouzat, who shared with Juan Martín Lucero in the trans-Andean team, had steps through Boca Juniors, Defense and Justice and Liniers. At Vélez, he has played 140 games, converting 12 goals and providing 6 assists.

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