In Vienna and in the west only medium corona risk

Good news for Vorarlberg.

The middle is currently the Corona problem area in Austria.

Because only the two westernmost federal states Vorarlberg and Tyrol as well as Vienna and Burgenland in the far east are classified by the traffic light commission according to their working document, which is available to the APA, in the yellow zone with medium risk on Thursday. In the rest of the country there is a high or very high risk, which is represented by the color orange or red.

The highest current risk figure, which decides on the classification, has Salzburg with 103.1. This could even switch the state to red, i.e. slip into the very high risk sector. Upper Austria is only slightly better with 97.3. Burgenland currently has the best value with 38.1. Lower Austria is switching from medium to high risk this week. In return, Vorarlberg, Tyrol and Vienna are improving in the other direction.

Lowest incidence in Vorarlberg

Salzburg also had the worst values ​​in the past week for the raw and risk-adjusted number of cases, which cover additional risks. The lowest incidences were in Vorarlberg. In addition to the Ländle, only Vienna shows a downward 14-day trend. It went up in Burgenland, Styria, Upper Austria and Salzburg.

The highest number of cases has recently been recorded in Hallein, followed by Braunau and Scheibbs. All three districts had repeatedly become conspicuous in the corona pandemic. When it comes to the risk-adjusted incidence, Tamsweg im Lungau is the lone leader with 720. In the test region of Vorarlberg, where school now runs without testing, all districts are below the incidence of 100 in both assessments.

Worrying trend in new infections

As far as the surface of the intensive care units is concerned, Vienna has the highest value both currently and in the forecast. The number of corona intensive care patients in Burgenland was most recently exactly zero. The trend towards new infections among the particularly endangered older generations is less positive. Among the over-65s, an increase of 20.3 percent was perceived across Austria.

There is not much new to the test activity. The Viennese tested by far the most last week, the Tyroleans, as is now customary, the least. The fact that the comparatively most asymptotic cases (48 percent) were registered in the federal capital is hardly surprising in view of the diligent testing. The national average is 33 percent. Vienna can also look forward to the second-best value behind Burgenland in the case of clarified cases.

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