In which case can I change my RFC password?

In which case can I change my RFC password?

He Tax Administration Service (SAT) normally automatically assigns the Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC) key; however there are some cases in which it can be modified.

According to the official page of the SAT the Physical persons that are taxed under a different tax regime than Wages and Salaries and Income Assimilated to Salaries, can present the RFC Key Modification Request.

As established by the Fiscal Miscellaneous of 2023, the SAT clarifies that your password will not be modified when you request the change or correction of your name, even if your initials are different with this procedure.

What are the requirements to modify the RFC key?

In some cases, the RFC password may be modified

However, the same publication specifies that the only cases in which you will be able to obtain a new RFC will be the following:

  • Having used a different RFC code in the SAT or some Social Security institution.
  • Detection of errors and omissions.

This last point refers to when the bank assigns you an “RFC key” to identify yourself without being registered in the SAT, whose homoclave will be different once the Ministry of Finance (SHCP) assigns you the real one, so You could request that they keep the one that the bank gave you, if you had already been using it for some time.

In addition, those situations in which the letters of your surnames or the homoclave form high-sounding words would also apply here, as also occurs in the CURP (Clave Única de Registro de Población).

What yes, for your application to be accepted, once you meet the above requirements, you must also be, from your registration, under the regime of employees or provision of a subordinate personal service, and that your new password is not assigned to some other taxpayer.

In addition, your current RFC must not have any tax credit or be subject to the exercise of verification powers by the tax authority, that is, everything is up to date and in good standing.

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How can I change the RFC key?

To modify your RFC key, you will have to comply with the following documents:

  • Certified copy of birth certificate
  • Immigration document that shows the new name or correction (for foreigners)
  • Valid official identification
  • CURP corrected

Once with these, enter the SAT Appointments portal and request a date to go to the SAT module that is closest to you, since this procedure can only be done in person, as a result of the modification they will give you a tax receipt with your new key corrected that same day.

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