Income for classifying the Libertadores is depleted with the renewals

Colo Colo lives a great present in sports. In addition to obtaining the Chile Cup, the exclusive leadership in the National Championship is added where he maintains an advantage of five units with his closest pursuer, Union La Calera, eight points over Catholic University and Audax Italiano, being 10 lengths ahead of University of Chile. Scenario that projects him as the main candidate for the title and as one of the national representatives in the group stage of the Copa Libertadores 2022.

The renewal of Gustavo Quinteros is a priority for the leadership of Blanco y Negro, a situation that would go hand in hand with the formation of a competitive squad for next season. “The truth is that everything we talk with the leaders, directors and especially with Daniel Morón, the intention of the club is to continue and be part of the following year and a while longer. The club will make the effort and for my part there are no problems, since we are with the same intention “, said Gustavo Quinteros in conversation with ESPN.

Not only the renewal of Quinteros is a matter for the leadership: Pablo Solari, Leonardo Gil, Emiliano Amor and Vicente Pizarro end their relationship with the club and hope to retain them. While there are important advances with all players, the budget issue is complex. The concessionaire showed losses of more than 4 billion pesos in the 2020 management and there are many debts that must begin to be paid in 2022. These renovations would absorb all the income to qualify for the group stage of the Libertadores.

This is due to the fact that the international competition contributes around 3 million dollars, silver that would go entirely to keep the players on the squad. The percentage of Solari’s pass reaches 750 thousand dollars, to which must be added the 800 thousand dollars corresponding to the Amor pass and around 2 million more for Gil’s letter. Vicente Pizarro’s situation is different, because he belongs to the club and he only has to renew his bond.

To this must be added the DT’s desire to strengthen the squad, “Colo Colo has good players, the team is still growing, it is in training, we can play even better and with two or three experienced players and hierarchy in some position, the team can compete”, Quinteros advanced in Equipo F.

In Blanco y Negro they are willing to meet the requirements of the coaching staff and must appeal to ingenuity and new commercial agreements to be able to support a team that is excited to compete in the Copa Libertadores.

This Wednesday a new board meeting of the concessionaire will be held that may be essential to define the first renovations.

Gustavo Quinteros plans 2022.

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