Incomprehensible! That’s how much money Amouranth spends on another gas station!

The popular and controversial Twitch streamer Kaitlyn Siragusa aka Amouranth is a real star of the streaming platform – and earns several million US dollars a month with her online appearances. But the 28-year-old doesn’t squander all that money on just one person luxurious party lifestyle like so many other social media stars, but she invests in a wide variety of areas in order to build up a passive income worth millions and then soon withdraw from the public eye. Now she has gone shopping again, hers next to a supermarket already second gas station – and for that has itself many millions of dollars on the table. Amouranth explains what she hopes for on Twitter.

The next million investment

Actually she wanted to no longer speak publicly about gas stations, jokes the “official” Playboy model in her thread on Twitter, but her youngest Deal is just too good not to do that.

Your new acquisition stands on a over 8,000 square meter lot and has total twelve pumps. “Kum & Go” is the name of the gas station that Amouranth funded from her Twitch and OnlyFans fortune.

That’s how expensive Amouranth’s second gas station was

Whether they want their new property for large billboard advertisement for yourself – as in the past? In any case, the revealing streamer has proud $8 million paid for their now second gas station!

She also posts on Twitter Picture of her newest possession. She goes on to explain how all benefit from the deal, in addition to the investor, the customers of the gas station who are based on more choice and service may look forward to.

More big investments?

In the same Twitter thread, Amouranth invites other content creators to reach out to her about a six-figure investment opportunity Report to. However, she does not reveal exactly what this is about in her post on the social media platform. Kaitlyn Siragusa recently revealed how she has made more money with her OnlyFans appearance or with their first gas station. You can find out the answer here. At the same time, the successful streaming star also has to deal with one obsessive stalker mess around – because of which she has to fear for her life.

Sources: Dexerto / Twitter

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