Incredible Dragon Ball giveaway offers you the chance to wear Piccolo’s outfit

fans of the comics, films, sports, video game or anywhere in the world entertainment They are always on the lookout for a souvenir to collect. Y Of course, those of Dragon Ball are not the exception.

Action figures, stickers, dragon balls, divers, t-shirts, hats or any distinctive that represents the adventures based on the work of Akira Toriyama can work for storage or display.

We are clear that for any collector, the more original, unpublished or strange the better, right? Then this Piccolo cape seems to have all the elements to become a prized item for the Dragon Ball fan.

It’s purchasable? As we understand no. In the official dragon ball twitter account publish a series of images of a model wearing the white cape of Piccolo. The same one that he uses before his battles and that in the anime is heavy and helps him train.

The publications of the images are accompanied by a letter in which they detail that it is being drawn.

To participate all you have to do is give RT and nothing more. We imagine that it is only valid for Japan. But in the conditions they do not specify given regarding borders or limitations for the contest.

This is why we fulfill our duty to share the Twitter message with you. And so that they can also see the characteristics of this piece that is made to real scale.

Piccolo’s cape in Dragon Ball

From the official account of Dragon Ball they are convinced that it is an article to use; therefore it is an ideal piece for cosplayers.

They specify that the model who wears it measures 1.80 centimeters. They explain this detail so that you can see how Piccolo’s cape looks, which has a length of 1.45 centimeters and a width of 110which includes the pronounced shoulders, characteristic of the suit.

The draw has a deadline until the 15th of this same month of May.

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