Indeci: this Wednesday a family night drill will take place without leaving home

This Wednesday, October 13, the multi-hazard family drill will take place at 8 pm, which will have a different methodology due to the context of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

The National Institute of Civil Defense (Indeci) indicated that the drill aims to prepare families for a possible seismic disaster and will take place without people leaving their homes, since there will be no evacuation or physical contact.

We need families to get together and go over their emergency plan as a self-protective measure. (…) It is necessary to be prepared”, Catherine Palacios, Indeci official, told RPP.

For his part, Miguel Yamasaki Koizumi, Indeci’s preparation director, explained to the Andina agency that in a large earthquake it is difficult to walk and move, so citizens must know the safe points of their home, in order to locate themselves under them at the moment of shaking.

Many have forgotten that we live in a highly seismic country and that we must learn to live with this condition, but in a responsible way, which implies preparation.“, I note.


PLANNING: Review the family emergency plan with the people who live in your home, that is, the activities to organize and respond to an emergency as a family. If they do not have it, it is advisable to elaborate and practice it.

PREPARATION: Review with your whole family the items in his survival combo, consisting of the backpack for emergencies and the reserve box. If you don’t have them, prepare them according to your needs.

LOCATION: Stand in the internal safe areas in the event of an earthquake, verify that they are accessible, illuminated and without obstacles. Practice ducking, covering, and / or holding on to prepare for major earthquakes.

For people with disabilities or the elderly

Let’s go over the family emergency plan. Let us remind our relatives of those activities in which we will actively participate and highlight our specific needs and who our support network would be.

Let’s check that all the specific items adapted to our needs are in good condition in our emergency backpacks.

Let’s locate ourselves in the internal safe areas in the event of an earthquake and practice ducking, covering ourselves and / or holding on.

If we can’t bend down, let’s get down as low as we can and stay away from windows or objects that could fall on us. Let’s protect our head and neck with our arms.

Emergency backpack

Regarding the emergency backpack, each family should check the expiration date of the food, medicine and other items included in it.

If this backpack is not available, the drill on October 13 will be the appropriate occasion to organize one and prepare according to the needs of each of the family members.

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