Independent rescuers organize 'La Perrada Fest'

Independent rescuers organize ‘La Perrada Fest’

To help 20 canines sheltered by independent rescuers have a home, a group of seven people interested in animal welfare organized this Sunday, March 19, “La Perrada Fest”, at the Bazar del Monu; an event where there will be a dog catwalk, as well as artistic and musical activities.

With this activity, it is intended to carry out a pre-registration for those interested in giving their pets a new home, and where donations of toys and food for pets will be accepted, said Marcela Martínez Montañez, organizer of the event.

“La Perrada Fest” will have the presence of the actress and playwright Perla de la Rosa, who is also a canine rescuer. There will also be music from different musical genres and public speaking presentations, the organizer mentioned.

Admission is completely free, and it will take place on the esplanade of the Monument to Benito Juárez, the place where the bazaar is installed, said Martínez Montañez.

Some of the bands that will perform are Animalitik, ¿Qué nos Pasó?, and Makiloko Machin Marionetas, AcciónPaint, among others.

“La Perrada Fest” will take place from 11:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon.

The requirements for adoption are:

Own house (Not for rent).

I am expanding the patio.

Economic stability.

Animal care experience.

Home visit and interview.

Requirements may vary based on the breed of the pet.

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