Independent workers will be able to join the IMSS and access more benefits

Independent workers will be able to access more benefits.  (Photo: Reuters)
Independent workers will be able to access more benefits. (Photo: Reuters)

All social benefits and insurance coverage from the Social Security Institute (IMSS) is what independent workers can access, as approved by the Chamber of Deputies after establishing changes to the Social Security Law with 476 votes in favor.

In this sense, it was announced that all people who are not subject to a subordinate relationship will be able to access all the benefits of the IMSS, as well as the rest of the affiliated citizens.

Independent workers are those who do not receive orno salary if they do not generate income for the free exercise of their profession, trade or activity nor do they have a relationship of labor subordination.

They may also benefit ejidatarios, community members, settlers and small ownersas well as the people who cover the payment of employer-employee quotas established for voluntary incorporation.

People who work on their own may join.  (Photo: Reuters)
People who work on their own may join. (Photo: Reuters)

To date, independent workers have the option of voluntary insurance. However, they do not have all the benefits, so if this reform is also authorized by the upper house (Senators), then the possibilities will be expanded.

*They may be subject to compulsory insurance or self-employment.

*They will have access to insurance coverage that is: health insurance, work riskDisability and life, retirement, unemployment at an advanced age and old age, as well as nurseries and social benefits.

The Chamber of Deputies recalled that the proposal for these reforms was sent to the Senate of the Republic for authorization.

Voluntary insurance workers will contribute monthly, bi-monthly, semi-annually or annually in advance, at the choice of the insured. In the case of payment in installments, no updates or surcharges will be applied to the amount to be paid.

Those who could contribute simultaneously, that is, as an independent worker and as a worker subject to a subordinate personal relationship regulated by the Federal Labor Law.

In the event that citizens seek to register with the Mexican Social Security Institute, insurance coverage may be available to them.

*Sickness and maternity insurance.- They will have the right to obstetric care for the insurer, spouse or common-law wife, as well as help for at least 6 months for breastfeeding. The insured will be entitled to 100% insurance with respect to the last contribution salary.

*Work risk insurance.- It consists of providing medical, pharmaceutical, surgical assistance, hospitalization services, devices, prostheses, rehabilitation, as well as payment of disabilities. Financial aid is also offered in the event of death for funeral expenses, as well as pensions for widows, orphans or ascendants.

*Disability and life insurance. In this case, it will apply when the affiliated citizen has an accident due to a non-professional illness that prevents him from working in an ordinary way and he will obtain more than 50% of the salary he receives during his working year.

*Unemployment insurance in advanced age.- The IMSS offers this coverage to employees who have completed the contribution periods and age required by the Social Security law. (Unemployment: 60 years; old age: 65 years or more, with 750 weeks in 2021, with annual increments of 25 weeks until reaching 1,000 under the new LSS or 500 weeks of contribution for LSS 1973). In the event that the insured does not have enough weeks of contributions, he may withdraw the balance of his individual account in a single installment or continue contributing until the weeks necessary to obtain the pension are covered.

The insured may retire before reaching the established ages, as long as the pension calculated in the Life Annuity System is more than 30% higher than the guaranteed pension.

*Day care insurance and social benefits.- Health care, education and recreation are provided, including cleaning and feeding the children of the working woman and widowed or divorced employee who has custody of the children.

Independent employees may also have some benefits for their relatives such as: spouse or concubine (river), children, mother or father.


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