Indiana Jones 5: Known at the beginning – Harrison Ford is rejuvenated!

More and more new details about the upcoming Indiana Jones 5 are washed to the surface. Just yesterday we reported on new insights into the story of the film. Word is that Indy in the 60s again with the Nazis gets to do and in the moon landing will be involved. Co-writer Jez Butterworth explained that the whip-wielding archaeologist will be a hero in the final film in the series, the fallen out of time is. In other words, he’ll probably want to cling to the “good old days” as the movie progresses. To make that connection, it has now been confirmed that Harrison Ford was at the beginning of the film digitally rejuvenated to take the iconic hero back to his early days, and the fans with them.

Thanks to de-aging we get to see a young Harrison Ford

An Indiana Jones film is not complete without an exciting opening sequence. For director James Mangold, it was only logical to continue the tradition set by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. In the big cover story of Empire Magazine Indiana Jones 5 was recently confirmed that Mangold the turn back the clock and Harrison Ford is digitally rejuvenated at the beginning of the film so that he can do his younger version of Henry Jones Jr. who can play the 1940s.

The director wants to introduce new and old fans directly to the world of Indiana Jones as it once was. And with the latest technology, which Ford as “a little creepy” describes. “This is the first time I see it and believe it”he added.

It seems Mangold wants to give fans enough old school to get them in the mood before they have to take an abrupt trip back in time to the ’60s. When asked what prompted the filmmakers to end the film with a flashback to begin, Mangold said the following:

“So that the audience doesn’t experience the shift between the ’40s and ’60s as a theoretical consideration, but literally experiences the buccaneer spirit of those early days… and then the dawn of the present. I wanted a chance to get into that kind of old George and Steven film and give the audience an adrenaline rush!”

When will we see Indiana Jones again?

The new Indy adventure is expected to be released on June 30, 2023 come to the cinemas. Harrison Ford himself will hang up his hat and whip afterwards, because for him, the role of Indiana Jones is over. However, there are already considerations to recreate the character of Indy in a television series.

Source: ComicBookMovie

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