Inés Gómez Mont is afraid of “thirst for persecution” against her and her husband

Inés Gómez Mont defended her innocence before the accusations of the Attorney General of the Republic that implicate her along with her husband, Víctor Álvarez de la Puga, in crimes of operations with resources of illicit origin, and assured that they are victims of persecution.

The Mexican actress and host recalled that the District Judge Ivan Aarón Zeferín Hernández She issued an arrest warrant against her and her husband, following the complaint filed with the FGR by the Federal Prosecutor, Carlos Romero Aranda, who initiated a legal process against her without having the power to do so.

“The Attorney General, Mr. Carlos Romero Aranda, initiated criminal proceedings against us, even though he did not have the legal powers to do so. It was not legally authorized. His thirst for persecution against us is of that size ”, explained Gómez Mont on your Instagram account.

Accuses “complicity” of the judge

Gómez Mont continued his statement by assuring that, on September 10, the authorities lied when informing the media that there was an arrest warrant against him and Álvarez Puga, the accused blamed the prosecutor Zeferín Hernández de being an “accomplice” of the lie by issuing, days later, the arrest warrant.

“Judge Zeferin Hernandez he was aware of the slander (and) days later he became his accomplice and issued an alleged arrest warrant. It is regrettable because it could have given us the opportunity to go free to deny any accusation. That opportunity no longer exists: the judge ordered their imprisonment in a maximum security prison, ”the statement published this Thursday reads.

Inés Gómez Mont money laundering

Inés is accused of having participated in the diversion of government resources.

The complaint filed against Álvarez Puga and his wife, Inés Gómez Mont, indicates that they are accomplices in embezzlement of funds for almost 3,950 million pesos that came from the Segob budget during Enrique Peña Nieto’s administration.

The driver said in another statement that he had never stolen money, adding that the facts for which he is accused “are absolutely false”, and even assured that he has been warned that more cases have been fabricated against him.

“Although I am very afraid that these abuses will continue, I have faith that the truth will continue to come out and our innocence will be proven. I repeat it and I maintain it: I am innocent and this is an injustice. They want to shut me up, but I will continue to raise my voice with all my might, “said Inés Gómez Mont.

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