Inés Gómez Mont reappears, assures that she is afraid of persecution in bad faith

Inés Gómez Mont reappeared again on social networks to talk about it about the arrest warrant against him for his probable responsibility in crimes of operations with resources of illicit origin; the host he assured that he is afraid for what has happened with the actions of the authorities.

In that message he shared on his Instagram profile, he commented that he was informed that the authorities are requesting more arrest warrants against him, he mentioned that they are for tax matters for which she had conclusive agreements with him SAT and Prodecon.

Previously, we shared you on The Truth News that Gómez Mont assured that he will prove his innocence, confessed that he was silent for a few days to try to focus on his defense since does not have access to the file, expressed that he has not committed any crime.

Inés Gómez Mont is afraid that the abuses will continue

The host Inés Gómez Mont broke the silence through a statement

Through Instagram he commented on the abuses and expressed: “The bad faith persecution of which my husband and I are the object.” To the famous and to Víctor Manuel Álvarez Puga, the authorities attribute having obtained public contracts for divert almost 3 billion pesos.

The driver commented that Carlos Romero Aranda, Attorney General, initiated a procedure against Gómez, when he did not have the legal powers to do so. Similarly, he indicated that on September 10, 2021, authorities who do not know which ones, lied to the press.

“There was simply no such order on that date. But apparently it was more important for those authorities that I be tried and sentenced. ”

On the other hand, he commented that Judge Zeferín Hernández was aware of the slander and stated: “Days later he became his accomplice and issued the alleged arrest warrant.” Inés mentioned that it is unfortunate, because she may have had the opportunity to go free to deny the accusation.

“The judge ordered us to be incarcerated in a maximum security prison.” Express.

The driver said in the statement on social networks that she is very afraid that the abuses will continue, but that she has faith that the truth will continue to come to light and that her innocence will be proven and assured: “I repeat it and I support it, I am innocent and this It is an injustice”.

It is worth mentioning that at the end of last September a seer assured that Gómez Mont will be taken, as well as a famous one, according to her predictions, as the clairvoyant Desert Tavares revealed it on social networks.

What is Inés Gómez Mont accused of?

Gómez Mont has been charged with serious crimes

It was on September 10 that it became known that Gómez and her husband Álvarez Puga were accused of the crimes of embezzlement (embezzlement), as well as organized crime and operations with resources of illicit origin, for which they issued an order of apprehension against him.

For its part, driver Inés Gómez Mont, has been absent on social networks, but recently shared a statement on his Instagram profile to talk about it, he assured that he is very afraid of persecution in bad faith.

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