Inexpensive Christmas menu: So you can feast despite price increases

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Of the christmas eve is slowly approaching and it’s about time that Christmas menu to plan. It is important that the food yummy as well as cheap is. Because of the increased cost of living this year, many households are planning to spend less at Christmas. We show you here how you can save a lot of money with a few tricks and still not have to do without a contemplative Christmas meal.

Save at the supermarket

First of all we want to give you a few shopping tips give on the way. Because you can already save a lot of money in the supermarket if you pay attention to these things. If you buy groceries such as butter, quark or pasta, there is often a large selection of different brands. Here it is worth looking at private label of the supermarket. This is often cheaper, but usually has no differences in quality on.

You can also do something at the fruit and vegetable counter to avoid putting too much strain on your wallet. The most important tip in this case is seasonal and regional foods to buy. Because these do not have to be delivered over many kilometers, which means that transport costs are lower. in the December does that mean that among other things Brussels sprouts, leeks or kale are available at low prices. If you would like to be informed all year round which vegetables are currently growing in Franconia, you can find them here our practical seasonal calendar.

Last may also discount promotions or special offers not be neglected. The first step in not missing out on any more bargains is to take a look at the brochure in your favorite supermarket. Here you will find many promotions and offers that can save you money. Brochures are also a great way to compare prices across stores. This way you will always find the cheapest version of the groceries you need.

It’s best to save at home

Sometimes it is no need to shop at all to go as the ingredients already in the house or in your own Garden are to be found. Maybe you still have a few cherries or plums from summer in the freezermaking her a delicious dessert can do magic. Canned fruit is also wonderful as a dessert. More foods like potatoes or apples from your own cultivation can be stored well in the pantry and processed at Christmas.

Aside from growing your own, making your own is a great way to save money. Especially when many guests come to visit and you need large amounts of food, it helps finished products to waive. Dishes that are special suitable are red cabbage or dumplings.

A high number of guests also means that you have to spend more on food. However, a lot can Christmas visit also be an advantage. Namely, if you ask him, one small thing to bring. For example, more expensive drinks such as wine or dessert can be brought by your guests. In this way you can save money on the one hand, and on the other hand you have less stress when preparing the menu on Christmas Eve.

The perfect Christmas menu

In addition to all the tips for shopping and preparation, we also have one more menu suggestion for you. Here we restrict ourselves to three gearsto avoid unnecessary spending. The beginning power our creamy potato and leek soup. Prepared from just a few ingredients, which are also easy to get in winter, it is the ideal start to Christmas Eve.

Festive feasting – here you will find Franconian recipes for Christmas

as main dish is there a Christmas classicwhich is happily inexpensive. Sausages with potato salad are less complex than goose or duck, but still create a Christmas atmosphere. As an alternative, it is also worth considering a vegetarian main course, as meat is particularly expensive at Christmas.

Our suggestion for the last course is a Speculaas layered dessert with raspberries. You can replace the raspberries with fruit from your own garden. This completes the planning of the Christmas menu. All that’s really missing now is a few cookies to get into the Christmas spirit. Tips, tricks and more You can find my favorite recipes here.

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