Infection statistics: Duisburg: All corona numbers for 46 city districts and 7 districts

An overview: all figures, graphics and articles about the corona data broken down into Duisburg’s 7 city districts and 46 city districts.

Since December 1, 2020, the Duisburg city administration has published weekly inner-city breakdown of Corona case numbers: reported new infections of the previous seven days, sorted by seven boroughs. On April 16, the city announced weekly values ​​for the 46 districts for the first time. Here you can find all published Seven-day incidence values and Case numbers in graphics and tables, including links to all articles on inner-city itemized case numbers and a city map. In this the seven districts and the associated city districts are drawn.

This is how the seven-day incidence of boroughs and neighborhoods is calculated

the Seven-day incidence gives the number of newly reported SARS-CoV-2 cases in the previous seven days per 100,000 inhabitants. This incidence value makes the incidence of infections regionally comparable. This new infection rate does not say in absolute numbers how many residents of an area have tested positive for Corona in the last seven days, but based on 100,000 inhabitants.

Population statistics are used to calculate the seven-day incidence. The number of Corona cases will be proportionate to 100,000, depending on the number of residents extrapolated or downgraded. Add the number of new cases over the past seven days, divide this sum by the number of inhabitants and multiply this value by 100,000. It’s that easy to calculate the seven-day incidence using the number of cases and the number of inhabitants.

And so the infection numbers in Duisburg’s city districts are also comparable despite the different numbers of residents. In the table are the population figures used for calculation in each case indicated as soon as the city administration has calculated with more recent figures. The column on the far right contains the respective Duisburg total values.

The seven-day incidence values ​​of the 46 districts make extreme jumps due to the low population figures: the fewer inhabitants a district has, the more volatile, i.e. less stable, the seven-day incidence value. When interpreting these short-term data, it is particularly important to take into account the number of newly reported cases, the number of inhabitants and the survey period. An outbreak in a daycare center with infected children from the neighborhood could immediately catapult the incidence to the highest in the city.

the Allocation of the cases to the seven city districts and 46 districts is possible because on the “registration form” for notifiable diseases like Covid-19 after German Infection Protection Act also the Addresses of the people who tested positive are specified and registered by the health authorities.

Reports on the infection process in the Duisburg districts and city districts

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November 2021

■ Several hotspot districts in the west of Duisburg (23.11.21)

■ Record incidence in Homberg / Ruhrort / Baerl – several outbreaks in the west (11/16/21)

■ Noticeably high number of new infections in the west of Duisburg (9.11.21)

■ Corona numbers explode in some Duisburg districts (2.11.21)

October 2021

■ Corona case numbers: Many new infections in the north of Duisburg (26.10.21)

■ A district with a 7-day incidence over 100 (10/21/21)

■ More corona cases again: Four district incidences over 100 (10/12/21)

Corona in Duisburg: District Incidents Between 0 and 189 (5.10.21)

September 2021

■ Highest incidences in the Rheinhausen district and in Bissingheim (9/28/21)

■ Corona: Strong north-south divide and many cases in Hochfeld (9/21/21)

■ New Corona cases: Large differences between districts (17.9.21)

■ Corona in Duisburg: 7-day incidents between 0 and 285 (9.9.21)

August 2021

■ Fourth wave of boys reinforces Duisburg’s north-south divide (8/31/21)

■ Incidence rises in eight districts of Duisburg over 200 (8/24/21)

■ Incidence rises above 100 in seven Duisburg districts (17.8.21)

Corona in Duisburg: District Incidents Between 0 and 173 (10.8.21)

■ Corona in Duisburg: nine districts with an incidence over 50 (3.8.21)

July 2021

■ Duisburg districts: incidences between 0 and 64.4 (7/27/21)

■ Corona in Duisburg: new infections in 19 districts (July 21, 21)

■ Duisburg: A small district with seven new infections (July 13, 21)

■ Only one district of Duisburg with more than one Corona case (6.7.21)

■ Duisburg: This is how returning travelers brought Delta to schools (5.7.21)

June 2021

■ New infections only in 13 districts of Duisburg (29.6.21)

■ 20 districts with no new cases – clusters in three quarters (22.6.21)

■ Eleven of the 46 Duisburg districts without new corona cases (15.6.21)

■ Corona: 7-day incidence zero in nine Duisburg districts (8.6.21)

■ Duisburg districts: 7-day incidences between 0 and 130 (1.6.21)

May 2021

■ These are the districts of Duisburg with the most Corona cases (May 26th, 21)

■ 7-day incidences: eleven Duisburg districts under 50, eleven over 150 (May 18, 21)

■ 5-week evaluation: These are Duisburg’s hotspot districts (May 12, 21)

■ Duisburg’s 46 districts: 7-day incidences from 0 to 488 (May 11, 21)

■ Incidence decreased in many parts of Duisburg (May 4, 2021)

April 2021

■ Incidence in five Duisburg districts over 450 (April 27, 21)

■ Duisburg: Twelve districts with 7-day incidence over 260 (April 20, 21)

■ Duisburg’s Corona hotspots: These relationships exist (data analysis) (April 19, 21)

■ North-South divide: Corona divides Duisburg so dramatically (long-term analysis) (April 19, 21)

■ Duisburg: Corona cases and incidences for all 46 districts (April 16, 21)

■ More corona cases in the south of Duisburg: The background (April 13, 21)

■ Sudden rise in the center – lowest value in the south (7.4.21)

March 2021

■ Incidence rises to almost 200 in the Hamborn district (3/30/21)

■ 7-day incidence no longer below 100 in any Duisburg district (23.3.21)

■ Seven-day incidence in two northern districts over 150 (3/16/21)

■ 7-day incidence no longer below 50 in any Duisburg district (9/3/21)

■ Rheinhausen again had the lowest incidence of the districts (2.3.21)

■ Further no district numbers – this is how other cities inform (2.3.21)

February 2021

■ [Diese Übersicht: Corona in Duisburgs 7 Bezirken: alle Fallzahlen und Artikel (24.2.21)]

■ Corona: Increase in Hamborn, lowest value in Rheinhausen (23.2.21)

■ 7-day incidence in five Duisburg districts under 50 (02/16/21)

■ Corona in Duisburg: New weekly lows in five districts (9.2.21)

■ Highest incidence in Rheinhausen – ten cases in hospital (2.2.21)

January 2021

■ Highest incidence in Walsum – main reason probably an outbreak (28.1.21)

■ Duisburg-Süd has the lowest seven-day incidence for the first time (26.1.21)

■ Incidence only in two Duisburg districts above the NRW average (19.1.2021)

■ Why there are more infections in poorer districts (14.1.21)

■ Higher incidences in districts north of the Ruhr (12.1.21)

■ Duisburg: Rheinhausen has the highest 7-day incidence for the first time (5.1.21)

December 2020

■ Corona: Again most new infections in the Hamborn district (29.12.20)

■ Corona: City district in Duisburg with an incidence value of 379.7 (12/22/20)

■ 7-day incidence: Duisburg’s north-south divide solidifies (12/15/20)

■ North-South divide in Duisburg also with the Corona cases (December 8th)

■ Duisburg: 7-day incidence of the 7 city districts published (1.12.20)

November 2020

■ Duisburg wants to publish corona data of the city districts (11/30/20)

■ Comment: The alarming silence of the Corona crisis managers (25.11.20)

■ Corona: That is why Duisburg does not publish any district data (25.11.20)

■ Marxloh: Police enforce the mask requirement with a lot of presence (25.11.20)

■ Corona: City confirms accumulations in Marxloh and Hochfeld (11/10/20)

■ Why the corona risk is higher in Marxloh and Hochfeld (11/10/20)

Until October 2020

■ That is why Duisburg has more corona cases than other cities (12.10.21)

■ City denies risky districts – on-site visit in Hochfeld (11.10.20)

■ Corona in Duisburg: These districts were badly affected (July 22nd, 2020)

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