Infections fall in Argentina, but 98,146 new infections and 142 deaths are confirmed

The third wave of COVID-19 continues to advance and although almost 100,000 new cases of the disease were reported in the last few hours, the week closed with a slight drop compared to the previous 7 days and, as experts and health authorities anticipated , the number of new infections appears to have started to decline.

The Ministry of Health of the Nation reported this Saturday the contagion of 98,146 people with coronavirus, which raised the national count to 7,792,652 infected since the pandemic began. Of that number, 6,750,686 people have already overcome the disease, 922,863 are active patients and 119,103 have lost their lives, 142 of them in the last 24 hours.

In this way and according to official statistics, In the last 7 days, 763,028 cases were registered, which gives a daily average of 109,004; and there was a drop of almost 4% compared to last week’s average which had been 113,157.

The concern, however, is that the average number of deaths doubled, from an average of 75 deaths a day in the previous week to 160 (with a total of 1,122 deaths) in the last 7 days.

According to the official report released this afternoon, Buenos Aires reported 40,262 infections, the City of Buenos Aires another 14,467, Catamarca 907, Chaco 1,767, Chubut 875, Corrientes 349, Córdoba 9,178, Entre Ríos 1,625, Formosa 1,726, Jujuy 2,445, La Pampa 662, La Rioja 382, ​​Mendoza 3,241, Misiones 448, Neuquén 1,008, Río Negro 735, Salta 1,072, San Juan 5,289, San Luis 1,503, Santa Cruz 350, Santa Fe 6,869, Santiago del Estero 638, Tierra del Fuego 255 and Tucumán 2,093.

In addition, it was detailed that 151,569 tests were processed last Friday and since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, 31,604,028 diagnostic tests were carried out. The positivity of the last day remained high and was 65%.

According to official statistics, so far 2,558 people have the disease in Intensive Care Units (ICU) and only 47.8% of intensive care beds are occupied nationwide. In the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires (AMBA) that number reaches 46.5%.

In the “Public Vaccination Monitor”, which the Government began to spread after the VIP vaccination scandal, it is indicated that 95,809,681 doses have already been distributed and 84,614,437 of them have already been applied: 39,280,883 people received a single dose and of that total, 34,441,043 completed the vaccination process and 10,892,511 received a booster or third dose.

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