Information about Ikke Hipgold – He’s coming back after Ballermann’s pension

His pop career began with a bet: Ikke Hipgold used to despise pop music – now he’s with his hits Ballermann cult star.

The black wig and red tracksuit are his trademarks. With his “shit doesn’t matter” attitude, Ikke Hipgold has already caused a few scandals. After a forced break of five years, the 46-year-old is back on Ballermann.

You can read all the information about his career, the scandals and the new love here.


Surname: Matthias Distel aka Ikke Hipgold

Date of birth: 09/17/1976

Residence: Limburg an der Lahn (Hesse)

profession: Singer, Music Producer, Entrepreneur, TV Personality

Relationship status: In a relationship with student Nina Reh (22)

Known hits: “One Moo, One Mah” (2014) or “Big Tits, Potato Salad” (2016)

life and career

Matthias Distel led a middle-class life before his hit career. He has a gardening business in his hometown and has a passion for rock music. For a long time he was even part of various rock bands.

Distel didn’t really like pop music. However, a passion developed through a bet in which he should write a hit song. After that it all happened very quickly: the artificial figure Ikke Hipgold was created.

In 2009 Ikke Hipgold had his first appearance in the Bierkönig with the single “Drinking sucks, but we do it anyway”. He quickly established himself as a cult figure and has since performed over 150 times a year. In Mallorca he was even the most booked German artist for a short time!

In the following years he produced many of his own hits and also for other artists. There were hits for Willi Herren, Jürgen Milski and Mia Julia, among others. Ikke Hipgold also participated in the song “Johnny Däpp” (Lorenz Büffel). For this he was awarded the gold record in 2018. In 2020, the song became the first party hit to go platinum.

Scandal at Ballermann

In 2016, Ikke Hipgold caused a scandal at Ballermann.

The 46-year-old performed at the Bierkönig for years. But in the summer of 2016 he was kicked out and even got a Ballermann ban! What happened?

In 2016, party tourism in Mallorca was limited: no more free beer in the Bierkönig and alcohol ban on the beach. At the time, Ikke Hipgold wanted to counteract this and gave away 4,000 cans of beer to his fans. However, the PR stunt ended in a huge beer fight.

After being kicked out at Ballermann, the pop singer performs on the gold sands of Bulgaria. With a camera team from “Goodbye Germany! The Emigrants” he embarks on the journey. Ikke Hipgold has been successful on Goldstrand for almost four years.

Comeback at Ballermann!

After threatened 325,000 euros in damages and a five-year ban on performing, Ikke Hipgold will return to Ballermann in 2022! Since then he has traveled to the Bulgarian Golden Sands, appeared on TV on “Promi-Big-Brother” and even started writing children’s songs.

In 2022 he will finally return to his calling. The cult star is no longer in the beer king perform, but in the not far away party hit club “Striker Arena“.

Scandal at the Sat.1 show

In 2021, Ikke Hipgold was supposed to be part of a TV exchange experiment for the Sat.1 series “Suddenly poor, suddenly rich”. However, the 46-year-old stopped shooting prematurely.

He has publicly accused the production company of using traumatized and abused children for the show in order to gain high ratings.

After the artist’s allegations, the show was canceled.

New love with big age difference

At the end of 2021, Ikke Hipgold presented himself with his new girlfriend for the first time during an art exhibition in Werl: A 22-year-old media management student from Hesse!

The two have been a couple since summer 2021 and have been spending a lot of time together since then. Although the student is not a fan of pop music, she supports and accompanies him at his performances.

Ikke Hipgold has been with student Nina (22) from Hesse for more than 9 months!

Ikke Hipgold has been with student Nina (22) from Hesse for more than 9 monthsPhoto: Andreas Buck

Also interesting: Ikke Hipgold’s first marriage failed because of his career. Hip Gold has two daughters.

Participation in TV formats

• 2018: “Hard but fair”

• 2019: “Dinner Party – The Late Night Talk”

• 2020: “Celebrity Big Brother”

• 2021: “Letter Battle”

• 2021: “ZDF television garden”

• 2021: “SWR Schlager Suite”

• 2021: “Germany’s Biggest Secrets”

His top hits

The content of his songs is characterized by drinking and partying. Of course, that goes down well with the audience. These party hits from him run continuously on Ballermann and also on the Bulgarian beach. Hipgold himself describes his works as satirical music:

year song title
2014 “Big Tits Potato Salad”
2014 “So go the Gauchos (So go the Germans)” with Willi Herren
2015 “When I’m Sober Again”
2018 “Drunk Again”
2020 “Modest Song”
2020 “One moo, one moa”
2021 “The cucumber goes in from below” with The seams in the sack

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