ING: Withdraw and deposit cash directly at many cash registers

The direct bank ING is launching a new cash service at short notice that only a few competitors have offered so far: the cash registers of numerous retail partners are simply being turned into bank branches where cash can be withdrawn and deposited.

In principle, many supermarkets and other retail chains already offer customers the option of paying by card and getting cash at the same time. The offer is often only valid from a certain purchase value. With the new service, ING customers can now also withdraw cash at the cash register terminal without making a purchase. And even depositing cash, which is always a problem for users of direct banks, is possible in this way.

The sum of the cash deposits and withdrawals is a maximum of 999.99 euros within 24 hours. Amounts of ten to 300 euros are possible per transaction for payouts. For deposits from 50 to 999.99 euros. Withdrawals are free. A fee of 1.5 percent of the deposit amount is due to the bank for deposits.

Start in a few days

All you need to use the service is a current account and the ING “Banking to Go” app. There will be a new “ING Cash” function in the app for this purpose. Here the customer authorizes the respective transaction and is then shown a barcode that is scanned at the respective checkout. The paid-in or paid-out amount is then immediately taken into account in the account and a push message is sent via the Banking to Go app.

The direct bank was able to win the retail chains Rewe, Rossmann, Penny, DM-Drogerie-Markt and Toom-Baumarkt as partners for the new function. As the interface between these companies and the bank, the Berlin company Viafintech acts as the coordinator of the transactions. As ING announced, the new function will start on November 29th.

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Money, Payment, Euro, Cash, Banknotes

Money, Payment, Euro, Cash, Banknotes
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