INM rescued 116 migrants who were traveling crowded in a truck in Puebla

The authorities channeled the migrants to the INM facilities to provide them with water and food. (Photo: Twitter/@INAMI_mx)

In conditions of overcrowding and on board a Torton type truck covered with a tarpaulin, this is how they were transported 116 migrants who were rescued by personnel from the National Migration Institute (INM) this Wednesday, August 3, in Puebla.

During a migration verification operation on the Oaxaca-Izúcar de Matamoros International Highway, Federal Migration Agents (AFM) spotted the vehicle and conducted an inspection.

With the support of officials from the State PoliceINM agents removed the tarpaulin from the truck and opened the rear doors, where they were traveling 73 men and 34 adult womenas well as six men and three women minors accompanied by relatives.

Of the 116 rescued migrants, nine are minors.  (Photo: Twitter/@INAMI_mx)
Of the 116 rescued migrants, nine are minors. (Photo: Twitter/@INAMI_mx)

As a result of the discovery, the immigration authorities coordinated activities to verify the health conditions of the migrants, of which 91 came from Cuba16 of Nicaragua4 of The Savior3 of Honduras1 of Venezuela and 1 of Panama.

INM officials transferred the rescued people to the Institute’s facilities to provide them with water, food and continue with the administrative processes while the driver, his companion and the Torton truck remained at the disposal of the authorities.

In the framework of 32nd anniversary of the Beta Groupsthe Institute highlighted its work in aid and rescue to migrants who find themselves in circumstances that could put your life at risk during their journeys to cross the border irregularly.

Rescue, location, rescue, humanitarian aid, legal advice and guidance are some of the activities carried out by these groups, whose presence has been notorious, mainly in the states of Baja California, Sonora, Chihuahua, TamaulipasCoahuila, Tabasco, ChiapasVeracruz and oaxaca.

Grupos Beta provide humanitarian aid and advice to migrants in Mexican territory.  PHOTO: GALO CAÑAS/CUARTOSCURO.COM
Grupos Beta provide humanitarian aid and advice to migrants in Mexican territory. PHOTO: GALO CAÑAS/CUARTOSCURO.COM

In these entities, from January 1 to July 31, 2022, the Beta Groups provided guidance to 90 thousand 920 people domestic and foreign.

Similarly, the Institute announced that in the same period the rescue of a total of 1,131 migrants of some dangerous circumstance, such as the strong currents of the Rio Grande, dehydration due to the abandonment of the so-called “polleros” in the desert, or injuries to the body.

Likewise, 72 thousand 122 people received humanitarian aid of these groups, which includes actions such as transportation to hospitals and medical care units, as well as the delivery of water and food rations.

Recently, one of the operations that caused the greatest stir at the national level was the rescue of 225 foreign migrants that they were hidden in a warehouse of the municipality of Jilotepec, in the State of Mexico (Edomex).

Around midnight on July 23, federal immigration agents responded to the call of the state and municipal police to confirm the discovery of a huge group of people who They remained overcrowded waiting to be transferred to the north of the country.

(Photo: Twitter/ @INAMI_mx)
(Photo: Twitter/ @INAMI_mx)

In coordination with agents from the National Guard (GN) and the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena), INM personnel managed to find out the origin of the rescued migrants.

As reported on July 24, 184 came from Guatemala, 14 from Honduras, 9 from Nicaragua, 5 from Cuba and 3 from El Salvador. All were channeled to INM facilities in the area to provide them with humanitarian aid and care.

On the other hand, two people of Mexican nationality and three vehicles insured in the aforementioned warehouse were made available to the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE).


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