Insider: Avowed is like a more vivid Skyrim with beautiful fantasy

It’s been over a year since Obsidian Entertainment showed the role-playing game Avowed for the first time with a short trailer, as you can see above. Since then, we have not heard much at all.

However, the German insider Klobrille, usually a very reliable source, claims to have seen an early version and describes it as follows:

“It looks fantastic already. It heavily reminds me of a more vibrant Skyrim, with a beautiful fantasy landscape. Fun fact, the first-person spell shown in the teaser trailer is in the game exactly as it was shown. First-person animations/spells in general seem to be a big focus.”

Another source who claims to have seen a pre-alpha of Avowed is Windows Centraleditor Jez Corden. He has lots of juicy grains of gold to share and writes, among other things, that “Obsidian is likely close to having a working early version of the game”, which means that it is further ahead in development than some may have expected. Corden also adds that “Avowed looks like it plays extremely well, with refined action RPG combat set in a vibrant, medieval fantasy world”.

Even though we still do not have a release date for the game, Jez Corden believes that it is time for 2023, which hopefully means that we will see more next year.

Tack Resetera

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