Instagram now tests with sending notifications when its service drops

The last noisy big drop in service from Facebook sIt still generates tail blows.

Now Instagram is conducting tests to inform its users about crashes generated by its own service.

Everything is carried out as a test with some users from the United States. They will receive notifications in the “Activity” tab when there is a technical problem with their system.

The following is an example of the notification. It refers to a technical problem that affects “stories.”

Likewise, an automatic notification will also be generated once the incident has been resolved.

The idea, as explained from Instagram, seeks to address the “frustrating lack of clarity” that users face in these types of situations. In addition, you probably want users not to look for the answers in the competition: other social networks.

In addition, from the platform they indicate that they will not fill users with notifications. These will only be present when the fall is noticeable enough and widely interrupts the service.

For now there are no more details, but the promise of Instagram is that the test will be extended to more countries.

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