Instagram, video games… are you addicted to the internet? This quick test gives the answer

News hardware Instagram, video games… are you addicted to the internet? This quick test gives the answer

In 2022, we are all confronted with screens on a daily basis. Our society is going digital and more and more things are happening on the internet. Each player on the web fights to capture your attention, the ocean of the web is populated by sharks whose objective is to make you addicted. Twitter, Instagram, online gaming, shopping… Internet addiction is becoming a real problem. If you want to know if you are affected, we have written a quick test for you. Here is the quiz in 10 questions!

Are you addicted to the internet? This test can help you find out

Internet addiction, a new social problem

In 2011, a study commissioned by the German Ministry of Health defined internet addiction as 4 hours spent online each day. 11 years later, that number looks ridiculous.

According to a recent study commissioned by NorthVPN (no, this article is not sponsored), the French spend an average of 56 hours a week on the internet (20 hours for work and 36 hours for leisure), or 8 hours a day, a third of our lives. And that’s just an average.

Does this number impress you? Remember, the internet today is more than the time you spend scrolling through Twitter, TikTok or Instagram. The Internet is also all online video games, sometimes your shopping, your music, your favorite films and series… the Internet is the heart of our lives.

Instagram, video games... are you addicted to the internet?  This quick test gives the answer

That dependencies are linked to the internet therefore seems quite logical. Long before they became connected activities, there were already tons of people addicted to things like:

  • Money games
  • Sexuality
  • Shopping
  • Various forms of entertainment

We are obviously not going to draw up an exhaustive list, but you understand that presenting the internet as a new drug is not entirely fair. When increasingly huge sections of our lives take place on the internet, it is quite logical that the shortcomings linked to these sections of life also unfold there.

This being said, it must still be said that playing blind to the addictions that rot the daily lives of millions of people in the world would be stupid.

As we as a society spend more and more time on the web and shift more and more of our activities online, it becomes quite complicated to define the boundary between “normal” use of the web and addictive behaviors, risky for your health.

It is therefore important to study the question on a case-by-case basis with a doctor.

Know that there is nothing to be ashamed of. If, guided by our little test, you feel that you may have a problem, the first thing to do is to recognize it and talk about it. You are not alone, far from it.

Instagram, video games... are you addicted to the internet?  This quick test gives the answer

Social networks, online games… on the web, it’s the battle for available brain time

Anyone who works on the internet deals with algorithms every day. The objective is always to be put forward, to be seen, to retain people. Is it diabolical? Not necessarily.

We are well placed to know this, as web journalists, we deal with Google on a daily basis. Beyond catchy titles, the algorithm tries above all to highlight relevant articles for users to use.. Thereby :

  • We are encouraged to write articles that really meet people’s expectations, so that they trust to the site and return.
  • We are encouraged to write articles more completemore extensive, more detailed.
  • We are encouraged to write with the form and the most readable and pleasant possible for people on smartphone like PC.

I’ll spare you the details, but remember that trying to please an algorithm is above all trying to please the people for whom this algorithm was coded. What you see put forward especially for you everywhere on the internet has been analyzed to satisfy you as much as possible, no one has any interest in bothering you.

Instagram, video games... are you addicted to the internet?  This quick test gives the answer

However, it would be very naive to believe that this competition for attention is healthy and perfect.

To design almost any ambitious project that goes through the internet, developers base themselves on studies of our brains. The goal ? Caress him in the direction of the hair, please him and, sometimes, make you addicted. Everything is studied. Let’s take 2 very concrete examples that you necessarily know:

  • The shape, color and sound of a notification are expertly designed to be as irresistible as possible. You get a little shot of dopamine when you give in to temptation. Little by little, your brain becomes addicted to these shots.
  • free mobile games free-to-play use dozens of techniques to flatter you, which encourages you to stay in the game. Right after, other techniques are put in place to frustrate you until you crack and go to the cash register.

These two examples are the most intuitive and easy to understand. It must of course be understood that similar methods are applied with more or less force everywhere on the web.

Being aware of all this is a first step in not being fooled and only benefiting from the good sides of the attention war: having interesting content available to you.

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