Intel Alder Lake-S: New Leak Reveals ASUS and Gigabyte Z690 Motherboards; see the images

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In less than two weeks, after leaks of the series S (desktop), K (high-end) and M (portable), Intel will present its new generation of processors. The “Alder Lake” family will require changes for hardware compatibility, and that includes the 600 series motherboards that will debut the LGA 1700 socket, exclusive to 12th generation chips.

After the chipset of these platforms appears in real photography, a new leak shows the new motherboards from ASUS and Gigabyte manufacturers. The hardware will be compatible with Alder Lake-S processors and must offer the Z690 chipset with support for DDR5 RAM memory and PCI-E 5.0 interface. See the images:

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ASUS ROG STRIX Z690-I Gaming Wi-Fi, in its mini-ITX form factor, will be Taiwan’s first Z690 chipset motherboard. You can see in the images above the LGA 1700 socket and two DDR5 memory slots. Considering the expected date for the end of the CPU embargo, it is possible that this model is available from November 4th.

The Gigabyte AORUS Z690 Master will sport the same specs as its Taipei rival, and will offer models ranging from DDR4 memory support in the entry-level to DDR5 for the high-end platform audience. See the images:

These should be the only components to support the new DDR5 RAM memory modules. AMD, Intel’s main competitor in the segment, is expected to release the first chips that support this standard only in 2022.

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Intel Alder Lake Z690: Motherboard chipset leaks in live image and has possible details revealed

The Intel Z690 is already in the testing phase with partner manufacturers who will adapt the hardware seen in the image to their own motherboards, so the device’s appearance may not represent its final design.

In its publication, the source claims that interestingly its motherboard supplied by Intel didn’t have a heatsink. In addition, the Z690 chipset is expected to have a format compatible with LGA 1700 socket, but it is bigger than its predecessor, the Z590.

The leaker further details that the blue team is implementing an asymmetrical design for the new chips, touting that Alder Lake CPUs will abandon the quadratic form factor for a 37.5 x 45mm package. The new socket changes the docking positions to a 78 x 78mm grid that will replace the 75 x 75mm interface.

Intel Alder Lake-K: ap

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Enthusiasts say Intel will release the new 12th-generation processors around the year November 19th, that is, just over two months from now. Before the official release, a wide variety of information is already known, such as its prices, performance in benchmarks and the new “Intel 7” lithograph.

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