Inter: Inzaghi, Milan, Ibrahimovic…. Calhanoglu does not mince his words

Leaving for Inter last summer, Hakan Calhanoglu saw his former partners AC Milan win Serie A in May. A difficult reality to accept for the Turkish attacking midfielder who did not hesitate to take out the slap box.

Calhanoglu has a lot on his heart.

Until the end of next season, at least, Hakan Calhanoglu (28) will be considered stuffing turkey in the capital of Lombardy.

After four years at AC Milan, the attacking midfielder has chosen to freely join the defending champions, Inter. Unfortunately for the Turk, the Nerazzurri gave up their throne and left it to the Rossoneri. A difficult reality to accept for the main interested party.

Inter stronger than AC Milan

Indeed, the playmaker believes that the gap between the two teams remains significant despite the victory of the Reds and Blacks. Inter are much stronger than Milan. We lost a derby in the 75th minute when Perisic, Barella and I came off. We were leading 1-0, we lost 2-1. Inzaghi also contributed to the defeat in this match. I also told him , released the former Bayer Leverkusen player for the YouTube channel Trivibu Spor. A first spade for his trainer and some of his partners.

Conspued and insulted by AC Milan fans, Calhanoglu explained his dislike with his ex-club. In his opinion, he was not really respected, at least not like since his passage with the enemy. I played for Milan for four seasons, but no fans were shouting my name from the stands, things that happen every time I warm up before the game with Inter , continued the player passed by Hamburg. Before taking out the machine gun.

Calhanoglu pays Ibrahimovic

During the festivities, Zlatan Ibrahimovic did not hesitate to sting him following his free start. Calhanoglu’s answer? He’s a 40 year old guy. I wouldn’t act like that if I was that age, he’s not 18. He likes to be the center of attention. This year he did not contribute to the Scudetto, he hardly played engaged the native of Mannheim, who is careful not to recall the record of 8 goals and 2 decisive assists of the Swedes, seriously injured in the knee, in just 1007 minutes in Serie A.

And to finish with a little more personal spade. Besides, he’s the one who always calls me, who asks me to go out to dinner or take a ride on his motorbike. He also wrote about me in his book. He had to write something, otherwise it would have been blank pages. Better not bother, honestly , Calhanoglu finished. An outing that should make some teeth cringe on the side of Milan. Or not.

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