International Systems Engineer Day: Cybersecurity tips when doing Christmas shopping

The Christmas is getting closer and thousands of Peruvians begin to program themselves to carry out their first Christmas shopping. As usual, many resort to buying online in order to save time, avoid long lines or crowds of people. However, this modality that makes life easier for many can be used by cybercriminals.

According to data from Public ministryBetween January and April 2022, 7,297 complaints have been received for cybercrime. Likewise, during 2021 this type of crime increased by 92.9% compared to last year. Many online threats are based on tricking the user into taking some action, such as clicking on an email link or attachment.

Karem Menacho Navarrete, Coordinator of the Systems Engineering professional career at the Norbert Wiener University, pointed out that various precautions must be taken to be safe online, especially during these end-of-year holidays, in which cybercriminals tend to be attentive.

Within the framework of the International Day of the Systems Engineer (November 25), the specialist offers the following recommendations:

Buy only on well-known websites

Make your purchases on official pages, do not be guided by incredible discounts or gifts. The cheap can be expensive. There are different easy ways to identify secure pages.

If you open a page in Chrome, keep in mind that on the left side of the web address you should find a padlock, since the exchange of information is private. Likewise, if the page has an “S” at the end of http, that is, HTTPS, it indicates that it is also a secure page.

Clear browser data regularly

Keep in mind that it stores copies of the websites you have visited in order to load them quickly the next time you open them. This may save you time when filling out a form, because it is done automatically, but it can be dangerous, since your data is stored online.

Avoid connecting to public networks

With this mechanism we will be protecting our privacy, since, being connected to an open network, hackers can easily access our conversations.

Have a device just for shopping

That is, for exclusive use. In this way, the computer is not exposed to possible virus infection when browsing different websites.

It has an antivirus

This must be reliable, up-to-date, current and scheduled to examine the equipment. It is essential to prevent unwanted access to our equipment and, in this way, you can improve data privacy and offer fewer points of vulnerability.



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