Intestinal outbreak in North Korea affects 800 families. Government speaks of new “epidemic”

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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un

North Korea is experiencing an outbreak of an unidentified intestinal disease, which has already affected 800 families and which the government classifies as a new “acute enteric epidemic”.

The first cases were identified on Thursday, with the Government sending medical teams and epidemiologists to a province where the outbreak is concentrated, in Hwanghae do Sul, advanced the CNN and the BBC. This is the country’s main agricultural region, which can hamper food distribution, which is already scarce.

However, according to the agency ReutersSouth Korean officials say that it could be cholera or typhoid fever.

On Sunday, North Korea’s state news agency KNCA said that measures such as quarantine, “intensive screening for all residents”, monitoring of vulnerable people and disinfection of sewage and water are being imposed.

In May, the country declared a state of emergency., reporting that millions of people had a “fever”. There have been 73 deaths, with the World Health Organization fearing the number is much higher.

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