Invalidate sentence of 40 years to “Mochaorejas”, for torture in interrogation

Daniel Arizmendibetter known as “The Mochaears” is a Mexican serial killer who terrorized the country’s capital for several years kidnappingmutilating and murdering various people to collect bounties.

However, after a judge analyzed his case and realized that there was torture when two of his accomplices made their statement, it was decided to invalidate the 40-year sentence that weighs on him.

This is due to the fact that more than 14 statements by members of the gang, as well as others related to the case, were coerced by torture, which makes them illegal and causes the sentences to no longer be valid.

In addition, in the file they learned that the entire group did not receive legal advice when speaking with the authorities, for which the dismissed evidence helps all those who are part of the case and are accused.

“It is explained in the illegality of obtaining it, since all evidence originated or collected in violation of fundamental rights is invalid and therefore cannot be used in criminal proceedings,” they commented.

Will “El Mochaorejas” go free?

Arizmendi obtained the annulment of a sentence

Despite the decision made by the judge, this does not determine that the Arizmendi brothers should be released immediately, due to the invalidity of certain evidence such as the statements and a ballistics test not recognized by the expert who made it.

However, the case will be turned over to a federal criminal trial judge, so that he can review the case from scratch, and determine whether or not the person can be released from jail, in which case it would take some time.

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How old was the “Mochaorejas”?

He and his group are still in jail

The Arizmendi gang, which was managed by Daniel, was arrested little by little and sentenced for the kidnappings and the few deaths that they could verify, however, by kidnapping more than 100 people, there were testimonies for huge sentences.

The famous murderer was given a prison time of 398 years in prison, in total for all the crimes, although since 2021 all these sentences have been tried to reduce and are analyzed for the illegal way of obtaining confessions.

Even the brother of “Mochaorejas” asked the SCJN to attract the case, although they ended up rejecting it, as we told you in The Truth Newsand now a new judge is expected to determine the end of the case.

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