Invasion of Ukraine LIVE: Finland officially announced that it will begin the process of joining NATO

The fighting continues intense in eastern Ukraine, which according to its presidency denounces that Russia tries to totally control the cities of Rubizhne and Severodonetsk.

Faced with the stagnation of negotiations to end the confrontations, Ukraine called for greater severity on the part of the allies towards Russia.

The Russian blockade in the Black Sea is beginning to worry the international community, the possibility of a food shortage due to the blockade imposed by Kremlin troops.

The Kremlin flaunted its weapons capacity and threatened to make Finland disappear in 10 secondsafter the formal announcement of the European country to join NATO.

Next, the minute by minute of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (Ukrainian time, GMT+3):

Sunday May 15:

13.05: The Finnish government officially announced its intention to join NATO. President Sauli Niinistö expressed it at a press conference together with Prime Minister Sanna Marin.

“Today, the President of the Republic and the Government’s Foreign Policy Committee have jointly agreed that Finland will apply for NATO membership, after consulting Parliament. It is a historic day. A new era is opening,” they said.

12.30: Missile attack on Lviv. the governor of the region, Maxim Kozitsky reported that four enemy shots hit one of the military infrastructures in the area and destroyed their target, leaving no casualties. For its part, the “West” Regional Air Command of the Ukrainian Air Force reported that several missiles were fired from the Black Sea towards the Lviv region, which borders Poland.

12.00: Talks between NATO member countries to reach a consensus for the entry of Finland and Sweden are on a “good track”, the Croatian foreign minister said. “I hope that today we will have a fruitful final discussion and a good result to speak with solidarity with one voice,” said Minister Gordan Grlic-Radman upon arrival at a meeting with other heads of diplomacy from NATO member countries in Berlin.

10:45: NATO appealed this Sunday to consensus and “impeccable unity” during the war in Ukraine to also advance the accession of Finland and Sweden to the military organizationsaving the reticence of Turkey that threatens with a blockade alleging that both Scandinavian countries have welcomed “terrorists” in the past.

After the informal dinner in Berlin this Saturday, in which the Allied Foreign Ministers met with their counterparts from Finland and Sweden and were able to exchange views on the accession of both Nordic countries, the Deputy Secretary General of NATO, Mircea Geoana, He assured that the conversation was “frank” and they addressed Turkish concerns.

“I am sure that if the two countries decide in the next few days to request their entry into NATO, we will be able to welcome them and find all the conditions to have a consensus,” Geoana said, in statements before the summit that he chairs in substitution. Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, convalescing from coronavirus.

10:10: The Swedish Social Democratic Party (SAP), the government party of Sweden, will hold an extraordinary meeting this Sunday to express its official position on the possible accession of the country to NATO, which would follow in the footsteps of Finland in a new transformation of international power relations due to the war in Ukraine.

A decision in favor of membership would be a huge turnaround for the party of the Swedish prime minister, Magdalena Andersson, who has long advocated a neutral stance on armed conflict.

The meeting It will be chaired by the Prime Minister, accompanied by the Foreign Minister, Ann Linde, as well as the Minister for Migration and Integration, Anders Ygeman, who has recalled that, for now, the formation “has not taken any position on the matter” and has asked for patience while waiting for a result, according to the newspaper ‘Aftonbladet’.

9:03: NATO congratulated Ukraine on Sunday for its victory in the Eurovision Song Contest, held on Saturday in Italy, and considered that this shows “immense public support” to that country at the beginning of the second day of an informal meeting of foreign ministers of the alliance in Berlin.

“I would like to congratulate Ukraine for winning the Eurovision Song Contest and this is something that I do not say lightly because yesterday we saw the immense public support from all over Europe and Australia for their courage,” NATO Deputy Secretary General told reporters. , Mircea Geoana.

“Of course, the song was beautiful”, added Geoana on the theme performed in Turin (northern Italy by Kalush Orchestra, the Ukrainian representative at the music festival.

NATO congratulated Ukraine on Sunday for its victory in the Eurovision Song Contest, held on Saturday in Italy, and considered that this shows
NATO congratulated Ukraine on Sunday for its victory in the Eurovision Song Contest, held on Saturday in Italy, and considered that this shows “immense public support”

8:15: One person was injured in the Russian region of Belgorod due to the attack perpetrated from Ukraine against a border townlocal authorities reported on Sunday.

“A civilian was injured, he was hit by shrapnel,” Belgorod Governor Viacheslav Gladkov reported on his Telegram channel.

The attack took place in the village of Sereda, which is located right on the border with the Ukrainian region of Kharkiv.from where Russian troops are now withdrawing.

07:20: The Finnish government is expected to officially announce its intention to join NATO this Sunday, as Sweden’s ruling party holds a decisive meeting that could pave the way for a joint application.

Less than three months after the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, the two Nordic neighbors appear poised to reverse policies on military nonalignment that date back more than 75 years in Finland and more than two centuries in Sweden.

“Hopefully we can submit our applications next week together with Sweden,” Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin said on Saturday.

Finland will officially announce today its intention to join NATO
Finland will officially announce today its intention to join NATO

6:14: Finland confirmed that it was the invasion of Ukraine that prompted them to seek protection from NATO.

As reviewed by the Washington PostIn a phone call, Putin told Finnish President Sauli Niinisto that his country’s decision to join NATO is “wrong” and could have “a negative effect” on Russian-Finnish relations, but made no specific threats. according to a reading of the Kremlin.

Niinisto, who initiated the call, he bluntly told Putin that it was above all his “massive invasion” of Ukraine that prompted Finland to seek the protection provided by the NATO security alliance.according to a statement from his office.

“The conversation was direct and was carried out without aggravation. It was considered important to avoid tensions,” the statement said.

5:00: The Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelensky, said this Sunday on his social networks after winning his country Eurovision 2022 in Turin that “next year Ukraine will host” that festival, as befits the winning country.

Our courage impresses the world, our music conquers Europe. Next year, Ukraine will host Eurovision for the third time in its history.. And I think it will not be the last”, adds Zelensky.

The president also stated that they will do “everything so that one day the participants and guests of the festival will be held in the Ukrainian Mariupol”in reference to the city devastated by the Russian invasion and attacks and where some 600 people who have not been able to be evacuated still survive hidden in a steel mill.

The president added that he wants the next edition of the contest to take place in a “free, peaceful and restored” Ukraine.

Zelensky wants the next edition of Eurovision to take place in a free, peaceful and restored Ukraine
Zelensky wants the next edition of Eurovision to take place in a free, peaceful and restored Ukraine

3:40: The war will end at the end of 2022, Ukraine’s military intelligence chief said.

As reviewed GuardianMajor General Kyrylo Budanov claimed that Moscow was suffering heavy casualties and predicted a turning point in mid-August, adding that he believed “most active combat actions will be over by the end of this year.” 2:15: Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky met with US senators on Saturday and called for Russia to be officially recognized as a “terrorist state,” he said in his late-night speech.

“Today I had talks with a delegation of US senators led by Senate Republican Minority Leader Mitchell McConnell in kyiv,” he said. “I think this visit demonstrates once again the strength of bipartisan support for our state, the strength of the ties between the Ukrainian and American nations.”

Also during the meeting there was talk of US support for Ukraine and the tightening of sanctions on Russiaaccording to Zelensky. “I expressed my gratitude for the historic decision to renew the Lend Lease program. I called for official recognition of Russia as a terrorist state,” Zelensky said.

US President Joe Biden signed the Ukraine Democracy Defense Leasing Act of 2022 on May 9. The new law, which eases some requirements for the US to lend or lease military equipment to Ukraine, was approved with a bipartisan majority in the US House and Senate. Its sponsors said the legislation gives Biden much broader authority to help Ukraine defend itself against Russia and addresses how the US can get weapons to Ukraine faster.

00:23: “By blocking the Black Sea, Ukraine’s main gateway for international trade, including food exports, Russia put dozens of countries at risk of a global food crisis”Zelensky said.

For the president, countries can avoid world famine by supporting Ukraine with the supply of weapons

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