Investigation reveals that migrants are sold as slaves in the US

According to a Millennium investigation, in USA Several criminal groups have been detected that traffic in migrants and they sell them as if they were slaves for ranchers in that country. This consists of labor exploitation and human trafficking.

The journalist Laura Sánchez, who carried out the investigation, managed to identify that just one criminal group that traffics migrants made profits of 200 million dollars in a period of four years. Said information was obtained from judicial documents housed in the courts of the United States.

As reported in The Truth News, a few days ago a trailer was found where more than 50 migrants died. This vehicle was found in San Antonio, Texas, where human traffickers abandoned this group of at least 63 foreigners, which has caused international outrage.

They reveal the modus operandi of migrant traffickers

Investigation reveals that migrants are sold as slaves in the US

Migrants are victims of human trafficking

As revealed by said investigation, these criminal groups force migrants to forced labor, taking advantage of their condition since they arrive in the United States irregularly. It was indicated that they are kept locked up in fields with electrified fences and that they are given little water, in addition to not being paid for the work they do.

They pointed out that criminal groups steal identifications and official documents, in order to gather information from the families of migrants, to intimidate them in case they try to escape or go to the US authorities.

This problem has been detected in the fields of Georgia, Wisconsin, Florida and Texas, entities where at least 34 leaders of criminal groups that trade with foreigners who are in that country irregularly have been arrested and prosecuted.

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4 arrested for death of migrants

Investigation reveals that migrants are sold as slaves in the US

There are already 4 detainees for the death of migrants in Texas

As previously reported, the US authorities specified that there are four detainees for the death of at least 50 migrants in a trailer found in Texas.

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