Investigations and 120 checkpoints to catch the murderers of prosecutor Pecci

In an exclusive dialogue with Caracol Radio, the Minister of Defense, diego molanoHe delivered details of the investigation into the murder of Paraguayan prosecutor Marcelo Pecci and assured that the search is not only carried out in Cartagena, but has been extended to other cities for technical and human information.

There are 120 active checkpoints in Cartagena and to identify and capture those men who appear in the spoken portraits. Some initial hypotheses focus on two investigations that towards the prosecutor related to the drug trafficking that would be the causes of his murder, but other lines of investigation are not ruled out.”

The wife of the murdered prosecutor, Claudia Aguileraconfirmed that one of the men who appears in the spoken portraitsHe’s the one who shot Pecci. This information was key to activating the search in other citiesapart from Cartagena.

“This information was received and That is why progress is being made at this time in several investigations in other cities. in order to find those responsible for this crime. Human and technical sources they have information to advance these checkpoints.”

The Defense Minister Diego Molanoalso confirmed that they are already 107 those captured from the Clan del Golfo who participated in the armed strike.

the search block what the president ordered is already active and is developing operations in Córdoba, Sucre and Urabá. focus is aliases ‘bad boy’ and aliases ‘Siopas’ of the Clan of the Gulf”.

Molano assured that the State will not bow to any illegal armed group and that they will continue to fight them.

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