IO22: Google announces artificial intelligence tools that will be integrated into Workspace

Google is presenting this Wednesday (11) new artificial intelligence (AI) tools that promise to improve the experience of users of Workspace, its suite of applications dedicated to students and professionals. The news was revealed during I/O 2022, an event that highlights the new technologies to come from big tech.

Following the focus of the conference, such tools use the expertise Google’s long-standing commitment to machine learning. As the company points out, the hybrid work regime has a strong influence on recent advances in the entire technology industry, and could not fail to be reflected in its comprehensive platform.

Next, check out the technologies coming to Google Workspace.

Google Meet Improvements

Of the total number of tools added to the suite of applications, five focus on improving video conferencing and virtual meetings with Google Meet. Featured, your artificial intelligence will include the “Frame Restore”, responsible for improve video quality from low resolution cameras and on slow connections.

The Search Giant is also adding the “Portrait Light”. This feature uses machine learning to simulate studio lighting over the user’s image in real time. As seen in the illustration below, you can adjust the light direction, brightness level, and other details.

The refinements are not limited to the visual department. For those who are in an environment that emits a lot of echo over their speech, the intelligent software will eliminate user voice reverberation and ambient noise, making the audio “sound like you’re in a conference room with a special microphone”.

The last two additions to the platform are automatic subtitles, now also integrated into YouTube; and Live Sharing, a feature that will sync materials shared across calls, allowing participants to control the content and hear what’s happening simultaneously. APIs are now available to developers.

Workspace Security

Previously exclusive to the Google Docs app, the auto-summaries tool will be ported to Google Workspace Spaces, allowing users to have access to a summarized version of all the content they missed in a meeting, for example.

Gmail has several layers of security that prevent the sending and receiving of files with malware. Such protective measures will be added to Workspace apps, including Google Docs, Slides and Sheets.

The platform will alert users when files and documents shared through Workspace are infected with viruses or contain links to phishing attacks. Such improvements come shortly after the addition of encryption to the suite.

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These are just some of the news presented during I/O 2022. Google has brought a series of updates to its hardware and software portfolio, including the launch of the Pixel 6a and the first information about the Pixel 7.

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