iOS 16.1: Apple improves battery percentage display

Apple will finally improve the battery percentage display with iOS 16.1. Instead of showing the percentage with an always-full battery icon, iOS 16.1 has a dynamic icon. This feature is already available in beta.

Beta 2 of iOS 16.1 is already available for developers and it will be available soon for users who want to try. With iOS 16.1, Apple finally decided to listen to users who complained about a peculiarity of the operating system. iOS 16 shows battery percentage, but its icon always appears filled, regardless of the remaining percentage. For example, your iPhone may tell you that it has 65% battery left, but this one is visually always filled. It turns red when the iPhone drops below 20% battery remaining.

iPhone 14 © Apple

Many users have therefore criticized the display of the battery percentage. As on Android, they asked that the icon is dynamic and truly represents what is left. In fact, iOS 16 marked the return of the battery percentage in the status bar, but Apple hadn’t thought of making the icon dynamic. By the way, this feature is not available for all iPhones, especially smaller and older models.

The battery icon finally becomes dynamic with iOS 16.1

On Twitter, Federico Viticci showed what it looks like the new battery display in iOS 16.1. At 67% battery remaining, the icon shows about a third less battery. It is indeed more dynamic and more pleasant to watch. It’s not a huge novelty, but it still improves the user experience.

Furthermore, iOS 16.1 also improves the lock screen. When you plug in your iPhone to charge it, an indicator of the current battery percentage appears briefly above the time. On the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, this indicator is displayed in their dynamic notch called “Dynamic Island”. Moreover, Apple should offer Dynamic Island for all iPhone models by next year.

Finally, iOS 16.1 is only available in beta for the moment. We do not yet know its release date for all users. In any case, this confirms that Apple has listened to the first feedback from users to improve its operating system. The Cupertino company is also preparing a fix for the iPhone 14 Pro camera bug that shakes and squeaks.

Source : Engadget

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