iOS 16.1: Hints at new grouping options for HomePods and AirPlay 2 speakers

For some time now, iOS has offered users the option of grouping AirPlay 2 speakers or HomePods and thus playing the same audio stream in several rooms. You can set this in the AirPlay menu in the Control Center and also play different music to the different groups. So far, however, these groupings are only temporary (far away from the stereo pair on the HomePod) and not fixed.

9to5mac found indications in the iOS 16.1 code that Apple is probably working on new grouping options in the Home app. Fixed groups should then also be possible, and these can also be set as standard output on the Apple TV. However, this requires that all speakers use the same language for Siri.

It would be nice if Apple finally made it possible to connect five HomePods to the Apple TV, for example, which together form a surround set (left, center, right, back right, back left). Let’s see how the implementation looks exactly.

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