iOS 16: battery percentage will finally be available on older iPhones

The iOS 16.1 beta rolled out by Apple to developers shows the battery percentage in the status bar on older models.

Contrary to what Apple suggested on the support pages of its site, the iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini will be able to display the battery percentage in the iOS status bar. In any case, this is what the developers with whom Apple deployed the beta of the first update of iOS 16 were able to discover. The option can now be activated on these models in the Battery menu of Settings. ‘iOS.

© – The battery percentage comes to all iPhone models (here an iPhone 11). As for charging with green electricity, Apple reserves it for the moment in the United States.

iOS 16.1 also includes other new features. Among these, Apple inaugurates Recharge with green energy, a new way of charging supposed to reduce the carbon footprint. Concretely, depending on the country, the iPhone will try to give priority to recharging its battery using electricity produced with low carbon emissions. Again, this setting is available directly in the Battery menu of iPhone Settings. Be careful however, if the functionality is available in French, it will a priori be deployed, at least initially, only in the United States.

In iOS 16.1, Apple finally allows iPhone owners to remove the Cards application (Wallet) which allows them to group loyalty cards, payment cards or even transport tickets. Obviously, by deleting this application, it will no longer be possible to use certain features, including the Apple Pay payment system.

iOS 16 remove Apple Wallet

Cupertino also wanted to clarify the customization options for the lock screen. In iOS 16.1, this function will make the difference between locked screen and home screen. You will be able to customize the wallpaper for each of these screens individually.

iOS 16.1 customize home screen

iOS 16.1 also introduces a new setting dedicated to Matter accessories. If it is currently unusable, it will eventually display the list of all compatible accessories that can be added to a connected service.

iOS 16.1 Matter

Finally, this beta allows developers to access the Live activity API. Thanks to this, they will be able to imagine new widgets to display at the bottom of the locked screen, or which will be added to the top of the screen in the dynamic island of the new iPhone 14 Pro.

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