iPad Air with an Apple M1 chip is at its lowest price ever

Launched in the spring of 2022, the iPad Air M1 is one of the few fully compatible with iPadOS 16, the future update of Apple’s tablet. Amazon is offering it at 649 euros for the first time.

What is this promotion on the iPad Air M1? The iPad Air of 2022, only in “Starlight” color (a little gold), is on sale at 649 euros on Amazon. Everywhere else it costs 699 euros. It may not seem like much for a promotion, but it’s very rare for an Apple product.

Why is the M1 chip important? Like the iPad Pro, the latest generation iPad Air uses the Apple M1 chip, the one found in Mac computers. Oversized compared to the real needs of the tablet, the M1 chip provides exceptional fluidity and allows the iPad Air to do everything. This fall, with iPadOS 16, it will allow the iPad Air to turn into a real small computer. Only iPads equipped with an M1 chip can use Stage Manager, the new mode that allows multiple windows to be displayed at the same time, like on Windows or macOS. If you want an iPad that’s built to last, then you need an iPad Air or iPad Pro.

Is there a way to pay less? There is, but you need a student or faculty member in your family. If so, you can go to the Apple Education Store and find the iPad Air for 648 euros, which is 1 euro less than on Amazon (but Apple has all the colors). Small bonus, Apple adds a gift card of 100 euros, valid in its stores and on its services (App Store, Apple Music, Apple Arcade…)

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ipad air 2022
The gold color, on the left, is the one on sale. // Source: Apple

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